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Advantage Flea Control - How to Choose the Best Advantage Flea Control

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Many veterinarians recommend Advantage Flea Control as a safe and effective method for killing fleas and ticks on your pets, and for preventing their return. Fleas and ticks not only carry diseases, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, but they cause discomfort, and can cause significant blood loss in your pets, which could be a health threat in a smaller animal. Advantage Flea Control kills fleas and ticks within hours, and lingers for up to 30 days to kill reinfesting insects.

Veterinarians will tell you that it is easier to prevent infestations than to get rid of them. If you've ever had fleas in your house, you know what they're talking about. Advantage Flea Control offers an easy-to-apply answer to any existing, or potential, flea and tick problems. But is Advantage Flea Control right for you and your pet? Here are some things to think about.

Features to Consider in Advantage Flea Control

Some people are concerned with the application of flea and tick control agents: ‘how easy are they to apply?' Advantage Flea Control takes the worry out of applying the product. It is easy for you and easier on your pets. Advantage Flea Control goes on in a liquid form, from a convenient, pre-measured applicator. Just part your pet's fur, and apply the liquid directly onto the skin. Because Advantage Flea Control is applied topically, and not internally, the active ingredient is able to travel naturally through the oils on the skin and hair of your pet. Within about 24 hours, your pet will receive head-to-tail protection without Advantage Flea Control ever entering the bloodstream.

Advantage Flea Control will not wash off if your pet goes swimming, though you are advised not to shampoo your pet up to 48 hours after applying.

Advantage Flea Control kills ticks and fleas for up to 30 days with the active ingredient imidacloprid. This agent works by attacking the nervous system of fleas and ticks. While it's harmless to your pet, it's a bitter tasting substance, and may cause temporarily excessive drooling if your pet accidentally licks, or tastes it.

Safety Considerations for Advantage Flea Control

Though Advantage Flea Control is safe when used as directed, there are some cautions.

Always read label instructions. Advantage Flea Control should not be used on animals with a known allergy to Imidacloprid. Nor should it be used on nursing, debilitated or geriatric animals. Advantage Flea Control is also not recommended for kittens less than eight weeks of age, or puppies younger than seven weeks. Place Advantage Flea Control in areas where your pet can't lick, such as on the back of the neck, or between the shoulder blades. Keep this, and other medications out of the reach of children, and as always, consult your veterinarian before using Advantage Flea Control, or any other medication on your pet.

Advantage Flea Control is designed for dogs and cats in various weight categories. Be sure the Advantage Flea Control you choose is appropriate for the size, and species, of your animal. You should never give medication designed for dogs, to cats, and vice-versa.

Advantage Flea Control…Ideal Flea and Tick Control

Advantage Flea Control offers ideal control of fleas and ticks on your dog or cat, and helps prevent infestations from forming. With its convenient application and 30-day efficacy, it's flea and tick control you don't often have to think about. It's water-safe, which is especially important for water-loving dogs, like Labs and Goldens, and Advantage Flea Control is vet-recommended.

Give Your Pet an Advantage

Advantage Flea Control gives your pet a ‘leg up' on flea season, by helping to prevent flea- and tick-borne illnesses in both pets, and people. That's an advantage for both of you.

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