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Best Dog Shampoo - How to Select the Best Dog Shampoo

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Selecting the best dog shampoo. When it comes to shampoo, whether for yourself or your dog, it can often seem that there are just too many choices. So, what makes a shampoo the best dog shampoo? Well, before you grab your favorite human shampoo, remember that your dog has needs that are a little different from your own. Since your habits probably don't include running through the grass collecting fleas and ticks, lying in mud puddles, and rolling in the ripest pile of whatever you can find, your kind of shampoo will probably be a little different from what will make the best dog shampoo for your pooch.

Features to Consider in the Best Dog Shampoo


Since you are probably not planning to shampoo your dog every day, selecting a high quality shampoo that may cost a little more is worthwhile. The primary issue is pH, which should be lower than your typical human shampoo, in order to qualify as the best dog shampoo.


It is always a good idea to read the ingredients list. The best dog shampoo should include natural ingredients that will deodorize, repel bugs, add moisture to the skin, and detangle the hair.


Let's face it, if it doesn't work, why spend money on it? The best dog shampoo should not lather up with lots of suds, instead it should lather lightly and rinse easily to leave your dog clean and smelling, well, not like a wet dog.


If you enjoy a little special scent, the best dog shampoo for you may include something to help counteract the typical doggie smell. Be careful of heavy artificial scents though, they may cause skin or respiratory irritation. The best dog shampoo will likely include some natural scents like chamomile or lavender that help to repel bugs in addition to providing a pleasant odor.

Reason for Use

Consider your reasons for bathing your dog when you are selecting the best dog shampoo. Does your dog have a dull coat that you would like to see shinier and softer? Do you want to rid your dog of fleas, ticks and other irritating pests? Does your dog scratch at dry, flaky skin? Defining what you hope to accomplish by bathing your dog will help you choose the best dog shampoo.

Desirable Features of the Best Dog Shampoo

Works well

The best dog shampoo, like your own favorite shampoo, will effectively cleanse away dirt, excess oils, and all those unidentifiable things that your dog collects in his coat from who-knows-where. The main difference between your shampoo and the best dog shampoo will be the pH levels. A lower pH is more suited to canine needs.

Lathers easily and Rinses well

The best dog shampoo will lather up easily, producing fewer suds and rinsing quickly. Leaving a soapy residue can be irritating to your dog's skin, so the best dog shampoo will rinse thoroughly and completely without leaving a residue.


The best dog shampoo will be a non-tearing formula, just in case some shampoo gets in your dog's eyes. Giving a dog a bath can be challenging enough without adding genuine discomfort.

Shiny coat

The first and most obvious sign of a healthy, well cared for animal is a shiny coat. So, regardless of other reasons for bathing your dog, the best dog shampoo will detangle and condition, giving your dog a beautifully shiny coat.

Specific needs

  • Special formulas:

    The best dog shampoos are sometimes formulated for normal, dry and oily skin so you can choose the best dog shampoo for your dog's particular skin and coat. If you're looking for something to treat a skin condition, a medicated shampoo may be the best dog shampoo for you. Medicated shampoo is available by prescription if the condition is severe, or over the counter at most pet supply stores for less serious cases of irritated skin.

  • Pesticides:

    Flea and tick shampoos contain chemicals that kill fleas and ticks but are harmless to your dog's skin. Be careful to avoid getting these types of shampoo in your dog's eyes or mouth. Pyrethrins are usually the best pesticide ingredient to look for in a flea and tick shampoo. Check with your veterinarian before you use pyrethrins to ensure they are safe for your pet. Some flea chemicals can interact with each other and cause toxicity. Also, be sure to follow label directions on any flea and tick products. Use it only if it is appropriate to the species, age and weight of your pet. And finally, be sure that you rinse all flea and tick shampoos thoroughly. You do not want your dog to accidentally ingest these toxic products by grooming himself after his bath.

  • For the show ring:

    There are also the best dog shampoos that are designed to make your canine shine at the dog park or in the show ring. Colored shampoo is used to boost natural color and whitening shampoo brightens white coats. The ideal choice of the best dog shampoo is of course, what works for you and leaves your dog smelling clean and looking great.

    Ideal Choice of the Best Dog Shampoo

    So how do you choose the best dog shampoo for rover? Since a bottle of the best dog shampoo is likely to last you several months if not longer, focus more on your needs than the price. Look at the ingredients first. The best dog shampoos have ingredients that hold moisture to the skin and are often natural. If you have a lap dog, make sure you're going to enjoy the scent as well. You may even want to try out several brands in order to decide which one is the best dog shampoo for your dog and for you.

    Safety and Buying Tips for the Best Dog Shampoo

    Be sure to look at the ingredients of the best dog shampoo and check for anything that might irritate your dog. Heavy scents and some flea and tick shampoos may irritate the skin. Follow the directions on the bottle, and always keep even tearless shampoos out of your dog's eyes. Remember to dry the ear canals after bathing! And finally, you should take care to store shampoo out of the reach of children and pets. Now, go out and find the best dog shampoo that's right for you and your dog, and enjoy the shine, softness, and sweet smells of your freshly bathed pooch!

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