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Bow Tie Dog Collars - How to Choose Bow Tie Dog Collars

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When it comes to looking for that sleek and sexy bow tie dog collar, there are many things you have to look into before setting up your pooch to walk the sexy walkways of the neighborhood. Of course nothing says refined and dignified like bow tie dog collars, but make sure you look at all the bow tie dog collar options out there such as size, durability, safety (don't want your four legged love to choke).

In today's upscale world of doggy totes that cost more than the animal itself, designer options are more available then ever before when looking for that perfect bow tie dog collar. While nylon and leather sound kinky for anybody's neck in most cases, your dog is going to love it. Check to see if the bow tie dog collar you want to purchase comes with snaps or buckles for easy removal, you just never know when your bow tie dog collar wearing pooch is going to need to take it off in the heat of passion.

Let's not get confused when it comes to bow tie dog collars, these are meant to make your dog look fun and sexy, not to be used as a way to “correct” your dog's behavior. These bow tie dog collars are not indented to use to discipline. The bow tie dog collars are also not meant for everyday use. Make sure that you select bow tie dog collars that are easily washable and durable.

Ideally you would like to be able to fit three fingers between your dog's neck and the bow tie dog collars depending on the size of the dog. If you own a light-weight puppy (under 20 lbs. you can get away with one finger. When selecting your bow tie dog collar also make sure to incorporate your own style. Of course you want to make Fido look sexier, (it has been said that female dogs just adore the male species wearing bow tie dog collars.) With so many designer options to choose from, it is a given that you will find the perfect bow tie dog collar. And, of course you will get personal satisfaction while looking at your dog while he struts his stuff wearing his bow tie dog collar.

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