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Capstar - How to Choose Capstar Medication for Your Dog

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Capstar…a shining star for flea control. Fleas can be a nightmare to both dogs and humans. When the weather warms up, the fleas come out and start looking for a meal. A flea is a small brown jumping insect with specialized mouthparts for piercing skin and drinking blood. Although fleas are tiny, for some dogs they are a big problem. When fleas bite they release a small amount of saliva to stop blood coagulation and some dogs are severely allergic to this saliva. Dogs with flea allergies may scratch and chew themselves raw. Not to mention that fleas are the culprit in the spread of bothersome tapeworms. Fortunately, there are now some fabulous ways to control fleas, like Capstar.

Capstar Features

Capstar is the brand name for the drug nitenpyram, which interferes with nerve transmission in the fleas, but not your dog. Capstar comes in pill form and begins working fast after ingestion. Fleas will start dying on your dog within 30 minutes of taking Capstar. In fact, within four hours Capstar will have killed 90 percent of the fleas on your dog. The drug can be given as often as once a day if necessary. Your veterinarian will be able to help you consider your situation and the right dosage.

Desirable Features of Capstar

Many vets recommend Capstar because it is so safe. Even puppies and nursing dogs can take Capstar. It is also easy to administer by putting the pill directly in your dog's mouth or hiding it in food. If you do hide it in food and are uncertain if your dog actually ingested the pill, Capstar is safe enough to just give your dog another pill.

You'll want to make sure your vet recommends Capstar and that your dog is in good health before you administer the drug, of course. You will also want to talk to your vet about an entire course of action for eliminating parasites on your dog and in your environment. Capstar is an easy effective way to manage adult fleas, but will not kill ticks or young and larval fleas. Fortunately, another desirable feature of Capstar is that it works well with other drugs and your vet can prescribe other treatments in conjunction with it.

Features to Avoid

Make sure you give your dog the appropriate dose and have read the insert in the box. Although Capstar is very safe it can occasionally have side effects that you should be aware of before use. It's a good idea to check the box for an expiration date before you use it as well.

Capstar Safety and Buying Tips

Store your Capstar in a cool dark place out of the reach of children and pets. If it has expired, throw it away and get a new box. Your Capstar will also be more effective if you have a plan of action to remove fleas in your home. Although Capstar will kill adult fleas on your dog, there may still be eggs and pupae in your carpeting. In order to avoid repeat infestation it's best to also treat your home and the area where your dog sleeps with flea sprays and other preventative measures. Overall, Capstar is an excellent facet of a regime for eliminating fleas on your dog and in your home.

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Die fleas die!
by Suneebeech, Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comment: I've used Capstar on our German Shepherd and in less than an hour the majority of fleas had already falled off of her.

The only negative thing I noticed was that she started to pant harder after giving her the Capstar. We watched her closely a...

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