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Cat Fence - How to Choose the Best Cat Fence

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Here is something that you probably have never seen before in a sentence, a cat fence. Cats are agile, smart and determined. If there's a way out of your house or apartment, they'll find it. And once outside, they are prey to all sorts of dangers that result in ‘outdoor cats' having a significantly shorter lifespan than their indoor brethren.

So how can you satisfy your cat's need to explore the great outdoors (or simply their need to escape from indoors) and still keep them safe? A cat fence may be the answer.

Unlike your standard picket, or chain link fence, a cat fence can be concealed from a distance, letting you confine your cat, without affecting the look of your home and yard. A cat fence may consist of nylon netting that attaches to the top of your current fence, usually at a 90-degree angle and projecting out over your lawn, preventing your cat from climbing over.

A cat fence can even also be totally concealed, courtesy of a wire buried in the ground that sends an electronic signal to your cat's collar.

Some Cat Fence Features to Consider

An "buried electronic fence" is one popular cat fence option for many homeowners. This cat fence consists of a wire buried in your lawn, which creates an electronic barrier that your cat learns not to cross. When the cat approaches the cat fence, a warning signal sounds on the cat's specially-designed electronic collar. If the cat continues to approach the cat fence, it receives a mild shock. In this way, cats learn where they are permitted to roam, and where they aren't. The drawback to an electronic cat fence, however, is that predators, such as dogs, coyotes, and other wildlife, aren't wearing electronic collars, and so can pass over the fence and attack your cat without warning.

The Cat Fence Retrofit

Some companies produce a cat fence that can be installed atop your existing fencing. This typically consists of a band of nylon mesh, perhaps 12-18 inches wide, that attaches to the top of your existing fence and overhangs your lawn. Cats attempting to scale the existing fence encounter the nylon barrier at the top and are safely turned back. As with the other hidden or electronic types of fence, this type of cat fence isn't always secure against predators, though it's a good option for areas where predators aren't common. You also need to look at your fence closely for wholes or areas along the bottom where a cat might be able to squeeze through.

The Concealed or Hidden Cat Fence

Thin mesh nylon netting makes a cat fence that is not visible from a distance, and doesn't detract from the look of your house and yard. This type of cat fence is usually about six-feet tall, and curved inward at the top to discourage climbing. It's attached to posts that are driven into your lawn, and the base of the cat fence is attached to the ground every two feet or so, to prevent your cat from slipping out—or other creatures from slipping in.

The Ideal Cat Fence

The ideal cat fence is one that appeals to your sense of style, and harmonizes with the look of your home and yard. It's reliable, secure and reasonably priced. The ideal cat fence is one you can install yourself at a minimum of cost and effort.

Cat Fence Safety Tips

Avoid buying a cat fence with openings large enough to trap or pin your cat. Be alert for stability and strength in a cat fence. And know that if you choose to use any cat fence, there is always some danger from fleas, ticks and other parasites found outdoors, as well as potential danger from predatory animals, such as hawks and coyotes. You may also want to consider a screened in porch as an alterative to cat fence or a “cat enclosure”. Click here for more information on cat enclosures.

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Purr-fect Cat Fence - My cats love it!
by vmaloney, Saturday, September 15, 2007

Comment: I purchased cat fence from Brenner's Deer Fencing. My cats and I love it. I purchased 100 ft and had it installed on a curve from one side of the back of my house to the other. I can go out the back slider and sit on my patio with the two cats. They lo...

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