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Cat Food Supplements - How to Choose Cat Food Supplements

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Vitamins and minerals are a critical part of any cats diet and if your cat isn't getting all that she needs, cat food supplements are an option. Of course, you should always discuss additions to your cat's diet with your veterinarian. Most veterinarians do not recommend cat supplements if your cat is eating a good quality food. If your vet feels there's something missing from your cat's diet, here's some thoughts on cat food supplements.

Features to Consider in Cat Food Supplements

  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Efficacy
  • Cost
  • Guarantee
  • Presentation: liquid, pills, powder, other
  • DVM approved or recommended

    The most important feature is necessity. If your cat is ill and not eating well or is not receiving a balanced diet for any other reason, cat food supplements should provide the exact nutrients your cat needs. Cat food supplements come in liquid, pills, powder and treat form and you'll want to decide what would be easiest to give to your cat. Talk to you veterinarian and find out what she recommends and then choose a cat food supplement that has a history of effectiveness, if not a guarantee and one that suits your budget.

    Desirable Features in Cat Food Supplements

  • Easy to apply/give
  • Tasty/flavored
  • Safe
  • Guaranteed
  • Cost effective
  • Appropriate for the age, weight, species, and health of the pet

    Cat food supplements should be easy to add to your cat's food or to a treat. Ideally they will be tasteless or be palatable to your cat. They should also be safe. Do your homework and read the labels to get information about cat food supplements and if there are any side effects associated with the various brands.

    Cat Food Supplements Features to Avoid

    Avoid cat food supplements that are not recommended by your vet or are new to the market and have no history. Also watch out for expired cat food supplements or those that come in unsealed packages.

    Ideal Cat Food Supplements

    The ideal choice of cat food supplements is that if it specifically meets the nutritional needs of your cat in an easy to administer and palatable form.

    Safety Tips for Cat Food Supplements

    You should always read label instructions before administering cat food supplements to your pet. This means reviewing the age and weight of your cat and following the recommended dosage.

    You should also remember to never give a cat a dog's medications. They are different animals with different nutritional needs. Also be sure to store you cat food supplements out of the reach of children and other animals to avoid accidental ingestion or over-dosage.

    Keep in mind that cat food supplements can be dangerous. Cat food supplements area not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and so there are no formal studies to ensure safety of cat food supplements. Some vitamins and minerals can be harmful if given in excess of what your cat needs. Fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and D can cause vitamin toxicity if too much is consumed. It is always best to follow the recommendation of your veterinarian. For further information, click here.

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