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Cat Furniture - How to Choose the Best Cat Furniture

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Cat furniture just doesn't seem fair. They can sit on our furniture, why can't we sit on theirs? But we can't, because cat furniture is just that—furniture designed to meet the climbing, height-loving, scratching, lounging and the wriggling-into-tight-dark-spaces habits of our feline companions.

Cat furniture is fun, challenging, imaginative, and a joy for your cat. And, with cat furniture, your cat may be less tempted to climb and scratch and shed on yours. But with nearly as many choices in cat furniture, as there are in furniture for your home, what should you consider when buying it? Here are some thoughts.

Cat Furniture Features to Consider

Cat furniture is almost a misnomer. We think of furniture as being a couch, table or chair, but cat furniture is more like a playground. Cat furniture often features towers, platforms, swinging, dangling objects designed for play, along with ramps, stairs, and dark, cozy spaces.

These ‘kitty condos' can take up some room in your home. And, they're sure to be a centerpiece in any room. So, when selecting cat furniture, choose a piece, or pieces, that you can live with as easily as your cats can.

Since you'll be assembling your cat furniture, choose pieces that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and move. Select cat furniture that is lightweight, but sturdy enough not to tip over. Remember, your cat will be jumping onto, and off of it.

To facilitate climbing, nearly all cat furniture is covered in carpeting. Some cat furniture features sisal scratching posts as part of the furniture. Other features include hoops and tunnels, food and water stations, and even ‘catnip treated' elements to attract cats.

Cat furniture can be styled to look like a castle, a locomotive, a tree house, or any of a thousand other imaginative environments. But be conscious of color. Since your cat furniture will stand out no matter where you put it, make sure it's in a color that matches your decor. As far as your cat is concerned, ‘mousey gray' matches everything.

Make sure your cat furniture will accommodate all of your cats. Cat furniture comes in all sizes and configurations, so base your choice on your cats' comfort and enjoyment.

The Ideal Cat Furniture

The ideal cat furniture is lightweight, yet stable. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, and it's in a color that harmonizes with your home. It offers features like lounging platforms, cozy hideaways, and dangling, or spinning play toys to amuse and distract your cat. It's large enough to accommodate all the cats in your household, but small enough to make a single cat feel at home.

Cat Furniture Features to Avoid

Avoid ‘tippy' or unstable cat furniture. Beware of cat furniture that has pieces which can be easily chewed off and swallowed. Make sure there are no slippery surfaces.

Sit back, and Enjoy Your New Cat Furniture

Your cat will love exploring this exciting new world, and you'll love watching him. So sit back on your own furniture and enjoy.

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