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Cat Greenies - How to Choose Cat Greenies

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You may give your dog Greenies, but have you tried cat Greenies? The popular Greenies treats are also available in a feline version that is meant to be palatable to your cat. Cat Greenies control plaque and tartar in your cat's mouth, giving her fresh breath as well as a tasty snack. Cat Greenies are the only edible treats to be given the Veterinary Oral Health Council's seal of approval. Cat Greenies are approved by the AAFCO, the Association of American Food Control Officials, and recommended by many vets. Maybe now is the time to see if cat Greenies are right for your favorite feline.

Some Cat Greenies Features to Consider

Cat greenies come is several different flavors to suit the taste buds of various cats. You can try cat greenies in chicken flavor, ocean fish flavor, savory salmon flavor or liver flavor. All flavors are carefully formulated from natural ingredients. Any treat you choose for your cat should be made of high quality and consistent ingredients to avoid causing an upset stomach or allergic reactions. Cat Greenies are high quality and designed for a snacking kitty.

An independent pet nutrition center tested the effects of cat Greenies on tartar and plaque accumulation. They found that feeding Cat Greenies daily created a 37% reduction in tartar and a 19% reduction in plaque. Cat Greenies also reduced gingivitis by up to 21%. This may make cat Greenies very appealing to you and your cat. Remember however as with any treat, monitor your cat to ensure that the treat is being properly consumed.

Cat Greenies Safety Tips

Be sure to check your bag of cat Greenies treats before giving one to your cat. Make sure that the treats have not expired, been infested with bugs or have any other potential problems. If cat Greenies, or other treats become lodged in a cat's throat or intestinal tract, serious complications, and even death, can result. Be alert for signs of retching, trouble swallowing, difficulty breathing, excessive panting, vomiting or lethargy after your kitty eats a cat Greenies treat. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact your vet immediately.

Cat Greenies...The Ideal Treat Experience

Ask your veterinarian if he or she thinks cat Greenies treats are appropriate for your cat. Then administer cat Greenies, and all treats, sparingly. Treats not meant to be nutritional supplements or to replace meals. Treats are designed to be a tasty snack for your kitty to enjoy from time to time and cat Greenies are no different. There is nothing wrong with a snack now and then, but too many snacks can make your cat ill or cause nutritional problems. And always monitor your cat while she's eating a Greenies treat. Even under the best conditions, accidents, like choking, can occur. However, there's no reason to be paranoid. Everyone deserves a little treat now and then and so try out a bag of cat Greenies.

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