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Cat Grooming Rake - How to Choose a Cat Grooming Rake

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Cat Grooming Rake: What To Look For When Finding The Perfect Cat Grooming Rake. When it comes to the grooming of our cats, nothing makes maintaining their appearance easier then the use of a cat grooming rake. A cat grooming rake is a grooming tool with a handle and comb like projection at the end that very much appears like a garden rake, hence it's original and innovative name, the cat grooming rake. Maintaining a perfectly kept coat is crucial and so is the use of the perfect tool to aide you in the process. The cat grooming rake will help you to remove loosened or dead hair.

Grooming is an essential aspect of maintaining your cat's health. Regular grooming with the use of a cat grooming rake will give optimal shine to your cat's coat, prevent mats or tangles, and most importantly, keep them clean so that the whole family can play their favorite kitty. While there are many different types of combs and brushes to select from, a cat grooming rake is especially useful when removing the undercoat, dead hair, and mats from your cat's coat.

Like any other grooming tool, a cat grooming rake comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors to select from. One important option of your cat grooming rake is the length of the teeth. It is important to use a length that will best suit your cat's hair length, which could be based on breed and age. A high performance cat grooming rake will allow quicker brushings, greater comfort, ability to clean, and most importantly, safety.

When shopping for a cat grooming rake, try to avoid plastic because in time the plastic could chip and the broken off pieces could scratch your kitty cat; also make sure that you always use a size appropriate cat grooming rake. Nobody wants an un-happy kitty that somehow managed to walk away with a tangled mow-hawk because the wrong size cat grooming rake was used. Though it would look funny.

Here are some ideal features to look for when purchasing a cat grooming rake for your happy cat:

  • Use a heavy duty cat grooming rake when dealing with breeds that have larger/denser coats.

  • For longer haired cats, look for a steel cat grooming rake with a comfortable handle that is designed to preserve hair length.

    - If you have an older cat that may be sensitive to a steel cat grooming rake, look for a cat grooming rake that has plastic teeth, one that is soft enough to bend ever-so-slightly (only the teeth should be plastic). This offers more comfort next to the skin for your older pet.

  • Most importantly, love your cat and try to always help use a cat grooming rake from the very start so this way you and your cat are used to the process and it becomes one that you both look forward to.

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