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Cat Pooper Scooper - How to Select a Cat Pooper Scooper

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Cat Pooper Scooper 101. Indoor cats are healthier and live much longer than their outdoor feline friends. Keeping your cat inside will keep her safe and out of trouble as long as she has everything she needs, a litter box especially. All indoor cats need a litter box and you should keep your cats in a quiet accessible location. Location is important, but the most important aspect of getting your kitty to use its own box is keeping it clean. You should scoop out the litter box at least once a day with a litter box cat pooper scooper. Cats won't use a smelly litter box and your front line of defense will be a good cat pooper scooper.

Cat Pooper Scooper Features to Consider

  • Material
  • Size of teeth/blades
  • Price

    Cleaning the kitty litter box is not a pleasant task, but the right cat pooper scooper can help a great deal. There are both metal and plastic cat pooper scoopers available and you may want to inspect them to see which suits your needs. Plastic cat pooper scoopers can be coated and easier to clean, however they may not be as sturdy as the metal scoopers. You'll also want to look at the design and decide what size hole and how big of a cat pooper scooper you want. Price, of course, will also be a factor. Some cat pooper scoopers are very inexpensive, but you should choose features over price.

    Desirable Cat Pooper Scooper Features

  • Scoops well
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sturdy handle
  • Comfortable handle
  • Doesn't clog

    Look for a cat pooper scooper that has a hole in the handle for hanging, or even a hook. Being able to store you cat pooper scooper somewhere accessible and hidden will make life easier. Also consider the design. Cat pooper scoopers are meant to both scoop out the litter and work as a sieve. The best cat pooper scooper will have holes that are small enough not to let too much debris sift back into the box, but also not be so small that it clogs. Also a long handle is helpful to avoid stooping or having to get your nose too close to the box. Just make sure you pick a cat pooper scooper that has a sturdy handle.

    Cat Pooper Scooper Tips

    Although you should use your cat pooper scooper to remove feces and litter clumps daily, you should also clean your cat litter box thoroughly once a week. Dump out all the litter and wash the box with soap and warm water. A mild detergent is best. Also avoid using strong smelling deodorants in the box, especially anything that smells like lemon. It's not a good idea to use ammonia either, which smell a lot like urine.

    Keep in mind too that you cat pooper scooper is going to work best in conjunction with the right kitty litter. You may want to try out a few different kinds, deciding whether you want old fashioned litter or self-clumping litter and decide on the right cat pooper scooper based on this preference. Self-clumping litters also vary and you should feel free to experiment and find the one that you and your cat like best. Just take care and make any changes gradually, especially if you move the box. You don't want to have to use your new cat pooper scooper anywhere but it the litter box!

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