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Cat Scratching Post - How to Choose the Best Cat Scratching Post

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Cats love a good scratch. And the more expensive the fabric they're scratching, the more they love to scratch it. That's why it pays to give your pet a cat scratching post on which it can satisfy its itch to scratch.

A cat scratching post is an inexpensive, reasonably attractive, enjoyable option for scratching. A cat scratching post can be purchased, or you can build it yourself. The right cat scratching post will not only give your cat hours of pleasure, but will make life easier for your furniture, rugs and stereo speakers well.

Cats will use a cat scratching post for many reasons. One is to help shed the outer layers of their nails. Another is to mark territory—not only visually, but through tiny scent glands at the bottoms of their paws. Even a declawed cat will use a cat scratching post. It's an instinctive behavior that cats never lose. It's good for them, and with the right cat scratching post, it can be good for you, too.

Some Features to Consider

When building, or purchasing a cat scratching post, consider the size and style of the post, and the size of your cat. A too-small cat scratching post won't allow your cat to stretch and reach to its full length. That's important when it comes to exercising the cat's forelimbs and back. On the other hand, a cat scratching post that's five feet tall and purple, is going to take up space, and might not be the most attractive piece of furniture in the room.

A cat scratching post should be covered with rough fabric, like sisal. While you can wrap a cat scratching post with carpet, consider that if your cat learns that it's okay to scratch carpeting on the cat scratching post, it may decide it's okay to scratch the carpeting that's right there on the floor.

Some cats will climb on top of the cat scratching post, and reach down to scratch. Be sure the cat scratching post you choose is stable, and can support heavy use.

Multiple cats will use the same cat scratching post, but you might want to consider multiple posts. Remember, the more acceptable places you give your cats to scratch, the less likely they are to scratch in unacceptable places.

Avoid any cat scratching post that has dangling parts that can be pulled off and eaten. Examine your cat scratching post often for loose or torn fabric, and remove it.

The Ideal Cat Scratching Post

The ideal cat scratching post is one that's sized to fit your cat, is secured against tipping, and is covered in rough fabric, such as sisal, that doesn't tear or shred easily. It's easy to set up, transport, and store. It has no loose parts that can be pulled off and swallowed, and it's attractive, or at least inconspicuous.

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