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Cat Thermometer - How to Choose the Best Cat Thermometer

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A cat thermometer is an important tool to monitor and maintain the health of your cat. When you look for a cat thermometer you will find there are many different features and varieties. This guide will help you determine the right cat thermometer for you and your cat.

Here are the most common features you'll find in a cat thermometer. First, you'll see that some of them are meant to take the temperature from you cat's ear or rectum. The design of the cat thermometer will vary widely depending on which body part will be measured.

Ear cat thermometers should have a probe that's similar in size as you cat's ear. If you're going to select a rectal cat thermometer, you'll want one with a flexible tip so it's comfortable for your cat. Also, you'll want to make sure it can take a temperature reading in 8 – 20 seconds so you don't have to keep you cat still for that long.

Keep in mind most vets prefer rectal cat thermometers for taking temperature readings of you cat – mostly because those temperature readings are more accurate. One thing to consider with a rectal cat thermometer is that some cats resent them and may feel threatened enough to bite you. If that sounds like your cat's temperament, then you may want to go for a digital ear cat thermometer for your feline friend.

Also, while you can buy the old fashion mercury cat thermometers, we recommend the digital ones. They are just as accurate as the old glass and mercury ones and safer to use even if handled roughly by either you or your cat.

Other than being accurate and easy to use, you'll want to look out for cat thermometers that are easy to clean. Some cat thermometers use disposable coverings that you throw out after each use. Others require you to wash them after each use.

One nice feature you'll find in a typical digital cat thermometer is a last reading memory setting. This simply remembers the last temperature taken. This comes in handy if you cat is squirming and you don't get a chance to read the temperature before the screen turns itself off to save battery power.

Battery power is the last feature to consider. If you're good at keeping track of things, pick a cat thermometer with a long battery life. Most of the products you see today are fairly well constructed and can last a long time if properly cared for. However, if you tend to lose things, you may not want to pay extra for longer battery life.

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