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Christmas Dog Collar - How to Choose a Christmas Dog Collar

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At the Holidays, what better way to say “Merry Christmas” than with a Christmas dog collar for your ho-ho-hound?A Christmas dog collar brightens up the season and gives a smile to passersby. And, a Christmas dog collar is a treat for your dog as well. Dogs like new smells, and new experiences, just like we do. Only we don't typically chew on our gifts.

So how do you choose a Christmas dog collar that looks good, fits well and is fun and easy to use? Here are some tips.

Features to Consider in a Christmas Dog Collar

The first, and most important consideration is fit. A Christmas dog collar should be sized to fit comfortably around your adult dog's neck, and it should be adjustable to expand with your growing puppy. Be sure to measure your dog's neck before buying a Christmas dog collar. The ideal fit for a Christmas dog collar, or any collar, should allow for one to three fingers to fit between your dog's neck and the collar, depending on the size of your dog.

  • If your dog is very large, a three-finger fit may be appropriate for the Christmas dog collar.

  • If you have an average, medium-sized dog, go for a two-finger fit between the Christmas dog collar, and your dog's neck.

  • If your dog is very small, (under 20 pounds), leave only one finger's width between the dog Christmas dog collar and your dog's neck.

    Christmas Dog Collar … Built to Take a Licking

    Dog collars get rough use, and a Christmas dog collar is no exception. Even though it's a seasonal item, dogs have a way of getting maximum wear out of anything we put on them. Be sure the Christmas dog collar you choose is tough, and made from easy-to-clean material. Ideally, you should be able to throw your Christmas dog collar into the wash (cold water helps to keep the colors bright) and line dry it to prevent shrinkage and/or damage to your dryer.

    Christmas dog collars come with both buckles and plastic snap closures. Test the snap by closing it and tugging on the collar. Your choice of snap, or buckle, is up to you. Both should hold your Christmas dog collar securely in place.

    The Ideal Christmas Dog Collar

    The Christmas dog collar you choose should be sized appropriately for your adult dog, and/or adjustable to fit your growing dog. A Christmas dog collar should be easy to clean, easy to remove, and easy to put on. The snap or buckle should be secure, and a Christmas Dog collar, like every collar, should also carry identification for your dog, in case the animal gets lost. Your Christmas dog collar should be sturdy and safe, but also fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

    This Holiday Season, ‘put on the dog' with a Christmas dog collar, and make the Season brighter for both of you.

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