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Couture Dog Bed - How to Select a Couture Dog Bed

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If your dog deserves to sleep like royalty, it may be time to get a couture dog bed for your best friend. Couture dog beds come is a wide variety of styles to fit every home and every pooch. Whether your idea of the perfect couture dog bed is neon colors or subdued fashion there's a couture dog bed that will go fabulously with your designer instincts. Of course, finding the couture dog bed that tickles your fancy is the easy part. You'll also want to consider what your dog will find most appealing.

Desirable Features in a Couture Dog Bed

Look for a couture dog bed that looks fabulous, but is also durable. If your dog has a rambunctious side, fabric that can easily be torn apart will not be a good choice. Of course fashion is a necessity, but not above comfort. Your dog should be cozy in his couture dog bed, so a soft bed that makes him feel like he's floating on air while staying not too hot and not too cold is perfect. Look for material that is waterproof or resists moisture and is easy to clean. These factors will be key in avoiding that “doggy smell” that even couture dog beds can get. Washable beds are ideal.

Ideal Choice for a Couture Dog Bed

A slightly elevated couture dog bed style with soft polyfill conserves heat protects your dog from floor drafts. This couture dog bed combines softness and comfort with durability. Look for a couture dog bed with a machine washable cover that can easily be thrown in the washing machine when dirty or soiled. Easy to clean is ideal, so watch out for the very fancy couture dog beds that are made from material that cannot withstand a quick spin in the washing machine. It's best not to have to dry clean.

Shopping Tips for Buying a Couture Dog Bed

Consider the best size of couture dog bed before purchasing. If your princely pooch is still a pup, you may want to buy a bed he can grow into. You may also want to avoid a bed that is too big. Your pooch will prefer that “just right” fit. Multiple couture dog beds may be a good choice as well if there are several places in the house where your dog naps. A couture dog bed can change your dog's crate into a castle. And by placing your new couture dog by your computer can give him a comfortable place to stay close.

Once you find a couture dog bed that you like the style of, test the bed filling. The filling should be springy, not compacted, after repeated use. Consider a donut or nesting contour shaped couture dog bed to fit around your dog to let him nestle in the center. Your couture dog bed should of course be made of sturdy materials that can't be ripped or consumed by your dog.

Check your couture dog bed from time to time for rips and tears, ensuring that Fido isn't snacking on his bedding. Also check for excess moisture and foul odors. Some couture dog beds have an inner wrap that keeps moisture from getting into and ruining core filling. This may be a good choice. Sweet dreams.

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