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Covered Cat Beds - How to Choose a Covered Cat Bed

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If your cat seems to be Marlene Dietrich reincarnated or does your kitty like crawling under the covers of your bed for naptime, then a covered cat bed might be just what she needs. Cats often prefer to sleep in dark, closed-in spaces where they feel hidden from danger. The more you can provide your cat with things that make her feel safe, the more she will come out to spend time with you. So, if you seem to always be wondering where she is hiding today, consider buying her a covered cat bed.

Features to Consider in a Covered Cat Bed

  • Materials – A covered cat bed is made from a variety of materials and fabrics. While you will want to choose a fabric that is pleasing to your eye and works well with your home décor, the internal materials of your covered cat bed should be chosen with your cat's comfort in mind. From orthopedic foam to lambs wool and cedar chips, the options are as varied as the needs of your precious feline.

  • Comfort – Your cat is not likely to use your covered cat bed if she does not find it comfortable. Think about the places where she likes to sleep and try to buy a covered cat bed that is similar to these places. Also consider what texture she likes to sleep on – is it lambs wool, cotton or something else and choose a fabric or bedding along those lines.

  • Placement – You will want to buy a covered cat bed that is of a design and size that can be placed somewhere similar to your cat's favorite hiding places. If she likes the back of the closet, start out with your new covered cat bed there. As she gets used to using it, you can move the bed a little at a time to a more appropriate location. But do this slowly, over time, because cats do not appreciate big changes.

  • Style and Design – Think about your cat's favorite napping or hiding places. Then choose a style or design of covered cat bed that will simulate these favored places. If she likes being under the covers of your bed, buy a covered cat bed that has a similar soft fabric cover that she can burrow underneath. If the back of the closet or under the bed is more preferred, try a covered cat bed with a domed cover that creates a similar cave like space.

  • Size – Consider the size of your cat when choosing a covered cat bed. It will need to be large enough for her to turn around and lie down comfortably, but not so large that it looses the cozy den feel.

  • Wash-ability – Many covered cat bed designs will not fit into the washing machine, so it is a good idea to look for one with a removable fabric covering on the sleeping area of the bed. A good wash every now and then will keep it smelling good and prevent infestations of pests.

  • Dry-ability – It is important to be able to completely dry your covered cat bed after washing. A damp bed can harbor mold spores and other health hazards, or may loose its appeal to your cat.

  • Ability to remove or replace the fabric covering – In addition to being able to regularly wash the fabric covering of your covered cat bed, it is also nice to be able to replace it when it becomes worn out or torn. While you may think it would be simpler to buy a whole new bed, cats do not like change, so replacing just the cover of a favored covered cat bed may be a better choice.

  • Durable – If your cat likes your covered cat bed, you will want it to be durable enough to last a long time.

  • Guarantee – You may want to consider whether your covered cat bed comes with a guarantee.

    Desirable Features in a Covered Cat Bed

  • Easy to clean – Keeping your covered cat bed clean should never be a hassle. A covered cat bed that is sold with extra covers is especially convenient for rotating covers for washing.

  • Comfortable – If you want your cat to use her covered cat bed, she will need to find it comfortable.

  • Fashionable – Covered cat beds come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so choose one that is pleasing to your eye and works with your home décor.

  • Safe – To be safe your covered cat bed will need to be durable enough to hold up to your cat's unique use of it, and replaced when it become tattered and worn. Bits of foam leaking out of a hole in the cover can be a real health hazard for your cat.

  • Cozy – In addition to providing your cat with a space that feels safe, a covered cat bed that conserves your cats' body heat is also useful in cooler homes or with older cats.

  • Your cat loves it – Let's face it, if you cat doesn't like the covered cat bed you offer her, she isn't going to use it. So, consider your cat's unique habits and preferences before choosing your covered cat bed.

    Features to Avoid in a Covered Cat Bed

  • Avoid fabrics that will pull apart, exposing internal materials or leave strings hanging. Your cat may choke or become ill with an intestinal blockage from ingesting bits of material.

  • Avoid covered cat beds that are not easily cleaned, as they can become a harbinger of fleas and other pests.

  • Avoid non-color safe fabrics that may bleed and stain other furniture or carpets if it gets wet.

    The Ideal Choice is of a Covered Cat Bed

  • The ideal covered cat bed will be attractive to both you and your feline friend and it should be a fashionable addition to your home, and most importantly it will be the purrfect place for a little catnap.

    Shopping and Safety Tips for Covered Cat Beds

  • Look for durable, washable, color safe fabrics that will compliment your home décor, with internal materials that will be comfortable for your cat to curl up on.

  • As part of your flea control program, consider a covered cat bed with cedar chips inside of it.

  • Consider your cat's unique preferences in hiding places before you shop. This will help you choose a design, size, and placement of a covered cat bed that will provide your cat with the cozy napping spot she seeks.

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