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Customized Dog Harnesses - How to Choose a Customized Dog Harness

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Customized dog harnesses are a great way to keep your pooch comfortable and fashionable. They generally provide choke-free and pain-free control of your dog. Dog harnesses work in place of a collar by wrapping around the body of your dog. They work well if you have safety concerns, your dog has medical conditions, or even behavior issues.

They tend to give you more security and control of your dog. They are great for dogs able to slip out of their collars. Dogs with bronchitis or upper respiratory diseases look great and feel better in a customized dog harness and small breeds are just safer. In a harness there is no danger of crushing their small and sensitive trachea. Large breed owners may want to consider customized dog harnesses as a way to exert more body control over a powerful dog. Dog breeds with thick necks and small heads as they can easily pull out of their collars, but remain safe in customized dog harnesses.

No matter what your motivation for using a customized dog harness, finding the right style should be easy when you stop to consider a few factors before you shop.

Features to Consider in Customized Dog Harnesses

Look for customized dog harnesses that not only look great, but are made from good materials. The customized dog harnesses should be made from sturdy and comfortable materials. Straps that are wide enough to fit comfortably on your dog and are adjustable for a perfect fit make the most sense. Consider the type of buckles and ease of use on you customized dog harness as well. If the harness is not easy to use, you may be unlikely to use it and have difficulty getting Rover to hold still while you put it on. You also want to consider the purpose of your customized dog harness. Harnesses can be designed for training purposes, be seatbelt adaptable and be made for your dog to step into.

Desirable Features in Customized Dog Harnesses

The most desirable features in customized dog harnesses will be its ease of use, durability, safety and appeal. A harness that is machine washable is a good choice and the material should be durable and the buckles secure.

Features to Avoid in Customized Dog Harnesses

When looking at customized dog harnesses, avoid leather. Leather can be bulky and uncomfortable, discouraging your dog from wearing it. Also avoid customized dog harnesses that are not adjustable.

Ideal Customized Dog Harnesses Choice

Ideal choices for customized dog harnesses are adjustable, easy to fit harnesses with secure buckles, that are comfortable, durable and machine washable. Many have a soft cotton padding on the side that faces your pet that can provide extra comfort. Choose from either the training harnesses, H-harness, car safety, or step-in harness based on your dog's size, temperament, body type or for primary function and ease of use.

You can have many nylon harnesses monogrammed or personalized with your pets name and your phone number which doubles as a means of identification for you dog.

Consider taking your dog to the pet store with you to ensure an optimal fit. If you don't take your dog, use a tape measure to measure the diameter of his girth just behind is front legs and his approximately weight.

Shopping & Safety Tips for Buying Customized Dog Harnesses

Look carefully at your customized dog harnesses for comfortable wear. The thickness of the customized dog harness straps should be proportional for the size of your dog. Before you shop, take measurements of your dog's chest so you can determine the appropriate size.

Keep in mind that each harness type may have different or additional measurement points to assure proper sizing. Before taking your dog wearing his customized dog harness let him wear the harness indoors so for acclimation and to inspect for a proper fit.

Watch for rubbing and pinching, adjusting the customized dog harness where necessary, but make sure the harness is tight enough and watch for slipping.

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