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Designer Dog Leashes - How To Choose a Designer Dog Leash

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Why settle for a plain, leather dog leash, when there are hundreds of designer dog leashes that not only help you control your dog, but make a statement at the same time? Okay, maybe, it's not a serious statement, these are designer dog leashes after all, but it's a statement nonetheless. It's a way of saying that you're the kind of person who likes to have fun. And who can argue with a statement like that?

Why choose designer dog leashes? Just for fun. But how do you choose designer dog leashes? That's what we're here to discuss.

Some Features to Consider in Designer Dog Leashes

The number one function of designer dog leashes is to keep your dog safe, and under your control. With that in mind, designer dog leashes should be judged for durability, length and security. Look for designer dog leashes that are about six feet long, made of leather or nylon, with a good quality metal clip. The clip should securely fasten to a metal ring on your dog's collar. Check your designer dog leases periodically for signs of fraying. Dogs like to chew, and sometimes-designer dog leashes are the handiest things around.

Whether you choose nylon or leather is a matter of personal choice, though you'll probably find more selection among designer dog leashes in the nylon variety. Nylon designer dog leashes have the additional benefit of being slightly elastic, adding to its strength. But some trainers prefer leather, because it softens with age and is easy to grip. However, a dog may be more likely to chew designer dog leashes made from leather.

Look for designer dog leashes that are comfortable to hold, and give you good control over your dog, especially if it is a larger breed.

Designer dog leashes come in the retractable style, but retractable leashes, when not used with extra care, can allow a dog to wander too far and potentially get into trouble. Designer dog leashes with a loop on one end, and your dog on the other, are a safe choice.

Designer Dog Leashes Safety by Design

Designer dog leashes that glow-in-the-dark, or which have reflective properties offer important safety considerations. In addition, whether you are using designer dog leashes, or any kind of leash, always tug firmly on the connection between the leash, and your dog's collar, to check the strength of the connection before setting out on a walk.

Your Ideal Choice in Designer Dog Leashes

The ideal designer dog leashes are those that offer strength, durability and control. Look for designer dog leashes that are non-retractable, and about six feet long, to keep you close to your dog, and minimize the chances of a nasty encounter with other dogs or people. Designer dog leashes should feature a secure, heavy-duty clasp the holds firmly to your dog's collar, and they should be comfortable to hold in your hand. Have fun when choosing designer dog leashes, and pick a leash that expresses both your—and your dog's—personality.

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