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Dog Bones and Dog Chews - How to Choose the Best Dog Bones and Dog Chews

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No bones about it…Dog Bones and Dog Chews. No doubt about it, dogs love to chew! In fact, if you don't give Rover something to gnaw on, he may find another way to work his jaw, like your tennis shoe or the kitchen table leg. It's better to find dog chews and dog bones that are appropriate for Fido's chewing needs than to give him the opportunity to destroy any family heirlooms. In fact, the variety of dog chews and dog bones is as varied as the variety of chewers.

Dog Bones and Dog Chews Features to consider

First you'll want to figure out your dog's chewing style. Some dogs are voracious chewers that will whittle down a dog rawhide bone in an hour. Others will work on a dog chew for months or turn their nose up at a hard to gnaw on dog bone. So you'll want to look at the variety of dog bones and dog chews available and find the one your dog is most likely chew.

Some dog chews and dog bones are indestructible by all dogs except the most avid chewer. They are made of hard rubber and if big enough not to swallow, are very safe for most dogs.

Other dog chews and dog bones are meant to break off into tiny pieces that are ingested. These are mainly dog rawhide, dog bones and dog treats. With these make certain that the material is digestible.

Desirable Dog Bones and Dog Chews Features

The best dog bone or dog chew for your pooch will be palatable with a flavor your dog finds enticing and safe. These features will be specific to your dog's size and chewing style.

Dog Bones and Dog Chews Features to Avoid

Avoid dog chews and dog bones that are indigestible. Even with those that can be digested, take care with a voracious chewer. A dog that eats a huge rawhide bone all in one day may get sick or impacted. Also note that some dyes or more natural chews may stain your carpet or furniture when wet with saliva. If you're thinking of saving some money and throwing Rover a few cooked bones from the table instead, think again. Dog chews and dog bones were specifically designed for safe chewing. Cooked bones from the table may splinter and injure your pooch.

Ideal Dog Bones and Dog Chews Choice

The ideal choice of dog bones and dog chews is made with quality consistent ingredients that are low in calories, appealing to your dog and above all safe.

Dog Bones and Dog Chews Shopping & Safety Tips

Safety is a critical feature in deciding the right dog bone or dog chew for your pooch. Many dogs end up in the vet's office because they were left unsupervised with an inappropriate dog chew or dog bone. You'll want to choose a size of dog bone or dog chew that your pooch cannot swallow and that is not too big. Even if it is the right size, check the dog bone or dog chew to be certain he won't be able to break dangerous sized pieces off and choke. Always supervise Rover when he's busy with a dog bone or dog chew. Accidents happen and if he were to choke, you definitely want to be there to help him. Now that you've got the facts, what are you waiting for? Give your dog a bone!

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