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Dog Bowls - How to Buy A Dog Bowl

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If you're looking for a dog bowl, either for food or water, for your precious pooch, you're in luck! Dog bowls are available in many colors, materials, and styles. Finding the dog bowl that's right for your dog should be easy if you stop to consider a few factors before you shop.

Desirable Features in a Dog Bowl

  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tip or spill proof
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Size

    Ideal Choice of a Dog Bowl

  • Heavy stainless steel dog bowls with a rubber bottom and tapered sides are great choices. This type of bowl has some weight and a rubber bottom to avoid your pet being able to push it all over the floor or ground. The tapered sides encourage tip resistance. Stainless steel is durable, easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and can not be chewed or broken. It should also be big enough to could at least one full days worth of water for the size of your dog.

    Shopping Tips for Dog Bowls

  • Avoid light-weight plastic dog bowls that can be chewed and moved. Avoid lightweight glass and pottery bowls that can be broken.

  • Elevated feeders may be more “comfortable” for your pet as he ages. They are also are easier to sweep around and clean under which is especially usefully for messy eaters.

  • Narrow and deep feeders are ideal if you have a long-eared dog. This design allows your dog to drink without getting his ears in the water.

  • Automatic dog feeders offer controlled portions in a frequency that you choose. Most are battery operated. These are generally not recommended for puppies.

  • Bowl holders are good to prevent bowls from skidding or sliding around the floor.

  • To choose the right size, consider that dogs drink approximately up to 25 ml per pound per day. That comes out to be a little less than an ounce per pound. So if you have a 10 pound dog, make sure your bowl holds at least 10 ounces. If you have a 30 pound dog, make sure it holds at least 30 ounces or about a liter.

    More Tips for Buying Dog Bowls

  • Where should you place your dog bowl? The best place to feed a dog is in the kitchen where you are likely to be near your pet. The kitchen also has flooring that is often easy to clean and you are also close to the water for easy refilling of his bowl.

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    by mnldy55, Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Comment: I wonder if you are aware of any reasons that metal should be preferred over plastic for feeding or drinking bowls? I heard years ago that metal is preferable, but can't remember the reason? (I live in Ariz., so maybe water stays cool longer? or ?) Any...

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