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Dog Car Restraint: How to Select the Best Dog Car Restraint Device

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Using a dog restraint for your canine pal? Hmmm! You wouldn't think of driving your car with an unbuckled seat belt. Nor would your allow an unbuckled child to ride in the backseat. So why not extend the same safety considerations to your dog? A dog car restraint safely and comfortably keeps your pet safe in case of sudden stops or accidents. In addition, a dog car restraint keeps your pet from wandering inside the vehicle, causing a distraction, and potentially causing an accident.

Features to Consider in a Dog Car Restraint

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Color
  • Durability
  • Safety

    Desirable Features in a Dog Car Restraint

  • Works!
  • Comfortable
  • Wide comfortable sturdy straps
  • Safe – no extra straps to get “caught”
  • Relatively comfortable to pet
  • Easy to use/put on
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure – stays on well
  • Fit is appropriate to size of your pet

    A dog car restraint not only protects your dog, but it protects you as well. A safe, comfortable dog is easier to travel with, and allows you to focus on the road. When your dog is comfortable, he or she is less likely to begin chewing, or struggling against the dog car restraint. That makes size an important consideration. Most dog car restraints are adjustable. Be sure the dog car restraint you choose is designed for your dog's size, and weight.

    Look for a dog car restraint with wide, comfortable nylon or canvas straps and soft cotton padding and, above all, sturdy construction. A dog care restraint should feature heavy duty stitching and strong plastic fasteners.

    As with any item you are purchasing for your dog, make sure the dog car restraint you choose is easy to clean, and easy to store.

    The Ideal Dog Car Restraint

    The ideal dog care restraint will be safe and comfortable for your pet, and protect them in accidents or sudden stops. The strong nylon or canvas straps won't rub, cut or chafe. The dog car restraint will feature sturdy fasteners that you can release quickly and easily in an emergency. It's sized to fit your dog, and it's easy to install, use, clean and store.

    Dog Car Restraint For the Smaller Dog...

    A dog car restraint may not be a belt at all, but a basket or ‘car seat' designed for your smaller dog, for whom belts and straps are not always practical. A ‘pet car seat' will allow your small dog to ride in comfort and safety, and even raise them up so they can look out the window. Like a dog car restraint, these pet car seats work with your car's seat belt system to provide security in case of sudden stops.

    Dog Car Restraint Safety Tips

    Never use a dog care restraint in the front seat of a vehicle that features air bags.

    Although a dog car restraint is designed to keep your dog safe, it shouldn't be used when there's no one in the car to supervise the animal. Stopping and leaving the vehicle with your dog strapped in the dog car restraint is an invitation to the animal to try and follow you by getting out of the dog car restraint.

    As with your seat belt, always use the dog car restraint, even on short trips. That's why it pays to find a dog car restraint that's easy to install, and easy to use. The easier the dog car restraint is for you, the more likely you are to use it for your pet.

    In addition, make sure the dog car restraint you choose features quick-release buckles or fasteners, so that you can easily get your dog out of the car after an accident.

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