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Dog Car Seat Belt Harness - How to Choose a Dog Car Seat Belt Harness

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With the use of your new dog car seat belt harness, worry for your dogs safety should go away when traveling the open roads. When I would travel with my miniature dachshund Shelby E. I would worry that if I hit the brakes too hard that she would go flying to the floor or worse break a bone. Now, I use a dog car seat belt harness to make sure her 12 lbs. body is secure in the car and the only thing she has to worry about is my amazing singing abilities.

I was a bit nervous at first when shopping around for the right dog car seat belt harness because Shelby is my first and only dog I have ever owned and I always worried that with her small frame something bad could happen in the car if she was not properly secured dog car seat belt harness. Knowing my little boo, I made sure that I took many things into consideration when choosing the perfect dog car seat belt harness such as the materials used, the size, how adjustable, and of course Shelby's key options: style and fashion. Though Shelby would love the roaming space of a Hummer H2 (Me to as well) we are confined to our '02 Ford Escape so I had to make sure I found the best dog car seat belt harness, not just for Shelby, but also for my car.

After doing research on-line and actually taking Shelby to the various pet stores in our area to test out the various dog car seat belt harnesses, we found a winner. Shelby was so excited for her new dog car seat belt harness that she actually let me know for an entire week every time she had to go out. I personally feel that she was excited because we were able to find a dog car seat belt harness that fit my car, was comfortable for her, safe and easy to wash, but most of all came in hot pink. I believe I have raised a mini-Paris Hilton.

We lucked out with all the right features when finding Shelby's dog car seat belt harness, but there are some styles and materials you should avoid such as leather and dog car seat belt harness' that are not adjustable. Nothing like a hot barking dog roaming all over your vehicle to make your car trip scream, “Wow, this is fun…”

Here are some closing tips to help guide you as you make your purchase for dog car seat belt harness:

  • Make sure you pick a dog car seat belt harness made from materials that will provide lots of comfort and stability.

  • Look to see if the dog car seat belt harness provides easy access for your dog to get in and out of.

  • A machine washable dog car seat belt harness always makes for easy clean up for those unexpected (speed) bumps in the road.

    And, now a word from Miss Shelby E, “ I just adore my new dog car seat belt harness and so will your little bundle of fluff “.

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