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Dog Chews - How to Choose the Best Dog Chews

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Here's something you and your dog can both chew on—dog chews not only help your dog meet his instinctive need to chew, but they can improve his mental health as well. If only it worked the same way for people!

Dog chews are a safe, constructive way for your dog to meet his chewing needs, and they give your dog a mind-occupying challenge. “Can I get these dog chews consumed in the next two hours?” Dogs get bored. And a bored dog is a dog that's headed for trouble. Better to give your dog some healthy dog chews, than to have him give a healthy chew to the furniture, rug, or a pair of your shoes. But what constitutes healthy dog chews? Here are some things to consider when buying dog chews.

Features to Consider in Dog Chews

What's your dog's chewing style? Some dogs are voracious chewers that will whittle down a dog rawhide bone in an hour. Others will work on a dog chew for months or turn their nose up at hard to gnaw dog chews. So you'll want to look at the variety of dog chews available and find the one your dog is most likely chew.

Dog chews are made from a variety of substances, in a variety of forms, and in a variety of consistencies. Some dog chews are almost indestructible, except to the most avid chewer. Others can be broken up and consumed almost before you've put the package back in the pantry. Always be sure that the dog chews you are buying are digestible. Ask your vet if you're not sure. And pick a size appropriate for your dog. A too-small chew is a choking hazard.

Dog Chews to Avoid

Avoid dog chews and dog bones that are indigestible. Read the label if you're not sure. Even with dog chews that can be digested, take care with a voracious chewer. A dog that eats a huge rawhide bone all in one day may get sick or impacted. For that reason, it's best not to leave your dog alone for extended periods with dog chews. Also note that some dyes or more natural dog chews may stain your carpet or furniture when wet with saliva. And don't feed your dog bones from the table. Dog chews are specifically designed to be safe for your dog to chew. Cooked bones from your plate can splinter into shards that may obstruct, or even perforate your dog's digestive tract.

And finally, remember that dog chews are no substitute for your attention. Walk your dog, play with him, and train him. Let dog chews be a reward, not an occupation.

Ideal Dog Chews

Ideal dog chews are made with quality ingredients that are low in calories, appealing to your dog and above all, safe. These dog chews won't splinter into sharp pieces that can harm your dog. They are completely digestible, and have some nutritional content. Above all, ideal dog chews are those that you supervise, so your dog doesn't ‘bite off more than he can chew' and risk choking.

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