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Dog Colognes: How to Choose Good Dog Colognes

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Is Rover's odor knocking you over? Dog colognes may be the answer. If your dog doesn't keep that fresh scent in between baths, you might want to try one of many dog colognes on the market. Sometimes that “dog smell” becomes noticeable after a good run or a little exercise in the yard. Even worse is when Rover chooses his own perfume and rolls in something especially smelly but hardly sweet. If you've got company coming over and you have no time to bathe your pungent friend, a quick spritz of your favorite dog cologne can save the day. The trick is finding dog cologne that both you and your fragrant canine can agree on.

Features to Consider in Dog Colognes

Look at the ingredients when selecting dog colognes. You'll want to be sure that there is nothing in the dog cologne that will irritate your dog's skin or your nose. If you have allergies, you will want to read the label on all prospective dog colognes carefully for anything that might make your allergies act up. If the ingredients suit you, then start smelling! There is no point in buying dog cologne that smells worse than Fido. Look for a scent that you'll enjoy and you think others will enjoy as well, including your dog! Once you've found a winner, you'll probably want to try it out. Just like perfume on people, dog cologne smells different on individual dogs. You'll also want to test to see how long it lasts and how well it works. The choice is likely to be a very individual decision and the dog cologne that works for your neighbor and his dog, may not work for you and Rover.

Desirable Features in Dog Colognes

The most desirable dog cologne will of course, smell good, effectively neutralize your dog's odor and last a long time. Hopefully it will continue to work if your dog gets wet or at least not develop into an undesirable “wet dog” musky smell. Look for dog cologne that is easy to use too. A handy leak-proof bottle could be stored anywhere for emergencies, even in your purse. Above all, make sure Rover likes it too. He may roll around a little after you spray him with his new dog cologne fragrance, but if he doesn't stop rolling around and if his eyes water and redden or he gets itchy, you'll want to immediately stop using it.

Features to Avoid in Dog Colognes

Look for dog colognes that are free of alcohol. Although perfumes generally have high levels of alcohol as a rule a product with alcohol could irritate your dog's skin. Also, many artificial ingredients may contain irritating chemicals; choosing dog cologne with all natural ingredients is best.

The Ideal Choice in Dog Colognes

The best dog cologne has ingredients that do more than freshen up fur. Excellent dog cologne may contain ingredients that also nourish your dog's coat and skin. A brand that is good for your dog and smells even better is ideal.

Safety and Buying Tips for Dog Colognes

Be sure to cover your dog's eyes when spraying dog colognes. Spraying dog cologne directly into the eyes or other mucous membranes may cause irritation or damage. Watch out for any sore spots or broken skin as well and avoid spraying dog cologne in those areas. Also make sure the dog cologne is stored in a safe place and isn't left out where Fido or any children can ingest it.

With a little effort you can make your world smell sweeter, so get out there and find the dog cologne that will make your pooch scent-sational.

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