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Dog Conditioner - How to Select the Best Dog Conditioner

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If you love your dog's coat to be shiny, smooth and tangle-free, finding a good dog conditioner is essential. Whether you choose a dog conditioner that is used after a good shampoo, or a leave-in dog conditioner in between baths, the right dog conditioner can really make Rover stand out in a crowd.

Features to Consider in Dog Conditioner

  • Ingredients
  • Efficacy
  • Scent
  • Type of product

    There are two different types of dog conditioner to consider and you might even want to use both. The traditional dog conditioner is applied after shampooing and rinsed out. Your best bet for removing large tangles is to comb them out before you get Fido in the water, otherwise you may create a matted mess that requires clipping. However, once brushed, a good dog conditioner can tackle the smaller tangles and help prevent more tangling. In between shampoos, a spray-in dog conditioner can help keep your dog's coat tangle-free and sparkling. With either kind, you'll want to choose a conditioner that has non-irritating ingredients, works well on your dog's coat and with a smell that you enjoy.

    Desirable Features in a Dog Conditioner

  • Easy to use
  • Works well
  • Rinses well
  • Tearless
  • Gives shiny coat
  • Smells good

    After bathing, the smell that is most likely to linger will be the dog conditioner, so be sure you pick a smell that you really enjoy. Also take note that the scent of the dog conditioner doesn't irritate Rover's powerful nose. Rubbing and sneezing may indicate that your pup is not a fan of the fragrance.

    Some dog conditioners contain ingredients like oatmeal to soothe irritated skin. This may be an excellent choice for Fido if he's feeling a little itchy. Other leave-in dog conditioners contain sunscreen and oils that keep coats free of static. All conditioners should help dry coats look healthy and shiny.

    It's best to avoid a dog conditioner that contains alcohol, which can dry out the skin. Don't forget to look at the ingredients carefully, to make sure that the conditioner does not contain anything your dog is allergic to or that might irritate his skin.

    Ideal Choice in a Dog Conditioner

    The ideal choice for your pooch will be a dog conditioner that smells great and works well, whether your dog's coat is short and shining or long and flowing. There are different dog conditioners for every need and you can pick the one tailor-made for your canine.

    Dog Conditioner Shopping & Safety Tips

    Before you get started with bathing your dog, put a little bit of cotton in his ear canals to keep them dry. Excess moisture can cause ear infections, just be sure to remove the cotton when you're done. Also take care that you don't get the dog conditioner in Rover's eyes, whether you are using leave-in or the rinse-out variety. After use, be sure to store your dog conditioner is a safe place away from children and pets. Take care to get Rover nice and dry with a towel or hair dryer set on low, especially in the colder months. Now you can enjoy the scent of your sweet-smelling pooch and running your fingers through his lustrous conditioned coat!

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