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Dog First Aid Kit - How to Select a Good Dog First Aid Kit

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Everyone should have a dog first aid kit in their home to use in emergencies or accidents that involve the furry members of the family. In fact, it's a great idea to have two, one for humans and a dog first aid kit. Although they will be very similar, you'll be glad to have two in the panic of an emergency. A carefully stocked dog first aid kit will put all the materials that you may need in one place and at your fingertips. The last thing you want is to be searching for medical supplies when your pooch has been injured.

Features to Consider in Dog First Aid Kits

  • Materials in kit
  • Size
  • Easy to Travel or Hike with
  • Expiration of products
  • Pet safe products

    When looking for an excellent dog first aid kit, don't skimp. Find a kit that is well stocked for the event of any common emergency. You may even want to keep a permanent in-home dog first aid kit and one for travel. Your travel dog first aid kit should be a size that is easy to handle and take with you. In either size dog first aid kit make sure that all of the products are pet safe and that perishable items have not expired.

    Desirable Features of a Dog first Aid Kit

  • Has what you need for your pet for common emergencies

    Look for a dog first aid kit that has as many of the basics as possible. This may include items like: a roll of cotton, bandage material, cotton balls, gauze pad, tape, hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, scissors, eyewash, silver nitrate, tweezers, oral syringe, large towel, exam gloves, heavy leather gloves, emergency ice pack, and thermometer. There are also a few additional items you might want to consider adding to your dog first aid kit. A muzzle, hemostats, leather gloves and a pet taxi are all very useful in a dog first aid kit, but are usually not included.

    Also avoid dog first aid kits with expired products and be sure to restock them as they expire. Hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointments as well as other creams and disinfections in your dog first aid kit should definitely be within their expiration date. Once expired, they lose their effectiveness.

    Dog first Aid Kit: The Ideal Choice

    The best dog first aid kit will be one that works for you and is well suited to its purpose. A travel dog first aid kit should be in an attractive portable case that is still big enough to carry all the items you might need. If you purchase a well-stocked dog first aid kit, you can make it even more ideal by adding any items that might ultimately be useful, especially if you take care to keep the dog first aid kit organized and all items easy to find.

    Dog First Aid Kit: Safety and Shopping Tips

    A great way to supplement a travel dog first aid kit is to purchase a pet taxi small enough to fit in your trunk. You can then store your dog first aid kit along with towels, and maybe even an extra leash and collar permanently in your car. This is wonderful idea not only for your own dog, but for any other injured small dog or cat you happen upon in your travels. Remember to be cautious when dealing with a wounded critter. Dogs in pain may bite even though you are trying to help them. If you have a carefully packed dog first aid kit though, you'll have everything you need to immediately assist our canine friends.

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