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Dog Flag Collars - How to Choose Dog Flag Collars

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Just because you're a dog, that doesn't mean you can't show the flag once in a while, and a flag dog collar allows you to do just that. Flag dog collars may feature the flags of a state or country, or flags common to certain activities, like the checkered flag of auto racing, or the dive flag used by scuba divers. There are American Flag dog collars for the 4th of July, or other patriotic occasions, and other flag dog collars that reflect your interests, as well as your dogs.

Flag dog collars feature a flag woven right into the fabric of the collar itself. Flag dog collars function just like a regular collar, with adjustable sizing, buckles or clips, and a ring for ID tags.

So how do you choose a flag dog collar? What should you look for, and what should you avoid? Here are some answers.

Features to Consider in a Flag Dog Collar

Anything that fits around a dog's neck has to be carefully sized for both comfort and safety. Measure the size of your dog's neck before buying a flag dog collar. Make sure your flag dog collar is adjustable, and that it will adjust to fit your dog. If your dog is growing, you'll want a flag dog collar that will grow with your dog. The ideal fit should allow for one to three fingers to fit between your dog's neck and the flag dog collar, depending on the size of your dog.

  • If your dog is small, (under 20 pounds), leave one finger's width between the flag dog collar and your dog's neck.

  • If you have an average, medium-sized dog, go for a two-finger fit between the flag dog collar, and the dog's neck.

  • If your dog is very large, go for a three-finger fit for your beautiful flag dog collar.

    Like all dog collars, flag dog collars feature either buckles or plastic snaps. Both are safe. Your choice will be a matter of personal preference.

    Flag Dog Collar….Easy to Care For

    Once you have a flag dog collar, you'll want your dog to wear it everywhere. It's fun, and always gets noticed. That means it will get dirty. And that means someone will have to clean it—usually you. Choose a flag dog collar that can be machine laundered, and wash in cold water to avoid fading the colors. Line-dry your flag dog collar to avoid shrinkage, or damage to your dryer.

    Waving the Ideal Flag Dog Collar

    The ideal flag dog collar is one that's sized to fit your adult dog, or adjustable to fit your growing dog. It features the flag of your choice, and has your dog's ID tags securely attached. Your best dog flag collar is easy to put on and take off of your dog, and it's easy to clean. Best of all, the ideal flag dog collar is one that shows your passion for your dog, and for the flag of your choice. The flag dog collar will attract attention to your dog, and to you. Have fun with it.

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