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Dog House - How to Choose the Right Dog House

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A dog house is a great idea for your favorite canine pal, but there's a lot to consider. You will want to choose the appropriate design and materials to make your dog house safe and durable. You'll want your dog house to look great and be functional as well. There are a lot of choices to consider, but with the right information, you can choose a dog house that works best for you.

Features to Consider in a Dog House

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Ability to clean
  • Chew proof
  • Safe
  • Ability to move
  • Temperature controlled

    You will first want to decide whether you would prefer a dog house that is made of metal, wood or plastic. A plastic dog house is the lighter choice and will be easier to move. A dog house made of plastic is also easier to clean and won't rot or harbor parasites. It is however, not the choice for heavier chewers, who may destroy the dog house.

    A wooden dog house is less likely to be chewed to splinters and is also the choice of those who want something a little more custom and attractive. It is also more insulated and likely to keep your dog more comfortable. However, wooden dog houses are harder to move and can harbor ticks and fleas.

    Metal is also used in the construction of dog houses that are typically in the form of dog boxes. Metal dog boxes tend to be expensive and not the best insulated form of dog house, but can outlast a dog house made of any other material.

    You will also want to consider the size of your dog house. Bigger is not necessarily better. Dogs prefer to be in smaller spaces, which make them feel more secure and also stay warm in cold weather. However, the dog house should be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around.

    Desirable Features for a Dog house

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable
  • Safe - No sharp edges
  • Comfortable to pet
  • Keeps pet warm in winter, cool in summer

    Although much of your decision-making will involve personal choice, there are some features you should make sure your dog house has in order to keep your dog safe and comfortable. First, the dog house should be easy to set up so that you don't injure yourself or misassemble it. The dog house should also be easy to use and enticing to your dog. Many people spend a fortune on a dog house only to find that their dog won't sleep in it. Make sure it's a size your dog is comfortable with and that the dog house stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It should be stable, easy to clean, and of course safe. There should be no sharp edges and if your dog is going to be tied to it, the dog house should be set up for minimal leash or line tangles.

    Ideal Choice for a Dog House

    The ideal choice for a dog house is one that is sturdy, attractive, easy to clean, stable, durable, offers good ventilation and visibility so you can keep an eye on your dog.

    Safety and Shopping Tips for a Dog house

    It is not only important to decide on the features of your dog house, but also to consider why you are getting it. Putting the dog outside is not the best way to solve behavioral problems. Giving a dog that sleeps outside a great place to spend the night however, is an excellent reason to give your dog some shelter. So find the dog house that works for you and give your dog a home!

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