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Dog Ramp - How to Buy A Dog Ramp

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Having a dog ramp is a necessity. As they grow older, our dogs often find it more difficult to climb stairs, jump into our cars, or climb onto our bed. Even when they're young, smaller dogs, or breeds built lower to the ground, may find it hard to climb stairs, into or out of a pool, or onto your lap without assistance. That's where a dog ramp can help. A dog ramp can not only make life more comfortable for your dog, but can help your dog stay more active, and more involved in your life, especially in its later years.

Features to Consider in a Dog Ramp

  • Materials
  • Length
  • Size
  • Safety
  • Storage
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Ability to hold your dogs weight

    When buying a dog ramp, consider the use, and choose a dog ramp that best fits your dog's particular needs. Foremost in your considerations, should be a dog ramp that's sturdy enough to support your dog's weight. Check the dog ramp for a weight rating, and make sure it's at least double your dog's weight. It should also be long enough to safely get your dog where it needs to go, but easy to handle, and easy to store, so you'll be encouraged to use it. A dog ramp that telescopes could meet all these needs.

    A dog ramp comes in many different styles, colors and materials. Your choice will be a matter of need, and personal taste. A dog ramp might not be a ramp at all, but a short, lightweight stair. This style of dog ramp is useful for helping pets get onto a chair, or a bed. A longer dog ramp will help your dog get into a vehicle, or up a short flight of stairs.

    Desirable Features in Dog Ramps

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Guaranteed
  • Non-slip floor to maximize traction, especially if wet
  • Easy to carry or handle
  • Stable (won't tip over)
  • Easy to Fold or store
  • Light weight

    Make sure the dog ramp you choose allows for good footing. Traction is an important feature. A slippery dog ramp may be worse than no dog ramp at all. A dog ramp with a carpeted surface will provide traction, but will it be easy to clean? A rough, or ridged solid surface dog ramp may appear to provide traction, but how will it perform when wet? Most of all, the dog ramp should be secure at each end, so it won't slip, or fall, causing your dog to lose its footing. One accident is all it takes for your dog to swear off ramps forever.

    Even though the dog ramp is for your pet, you'll be using it too. You'll carry it, set it up, take it down and pack it away. So pick a dog ramp that is lightweight, easy to store and easy to clean. Look for a dog ramp with a handle, for easy transport. If a dog ramp is unhandy, heavy, or difficult to store, chances are, you won't use it as often, and your dog will pay the price.

    Ideal Choice for a Dog Ramp

    Your ideal dog ramp will be chosen to meet the particular needs of your dog. It will be long enough, strong enough, and offer plenty of traction. The dog ramp will be ruggedly constructed, and rated for strength. It will be lightweight, easy to handle, easy to use, and easy to store. And it will ensure that you and your dog can share more time together, in more places, doing more things.

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    Comment: I found this article to be extremely helpful as picking a pet ramp is rather difficult as it is very dependent on multiple factors along with the pet itself! Personally, I would also recommend looking at products themselves to make sure you find the right ...

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