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Dog T shirt - How to Select a Good Dog T shirt

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Dog T shirt. Yes, dog T shirts. These days Fido, Rover and Fifi alike are wearing the latest fashions. If you want your dog to make a fashion statement too, you can get a great dog T shirt that accessorizes with your own outfit and keeps your pal cozy. Whether you just want a dog T shirt for a special occasion or for every day wear, there are several things to think about if you're looking to get your money's worth.

Features to Consider in a Dog T shirt

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Color
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Washable
  • Style
  • Design

    Dog T shirts come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Of course, you will want to choose a style that your dog looks great in, but don't forget to think about the material. Just like people dogs can chafe and get uncomfortable. The dog T shirt fabric shouldn't irritate your dog's skin, especially in the more tender belly region. A softer material is always best, but take care that it isn't too warm as well. You wouldn't want the dog T shirt to give your pooch a heat rash.

    You'll also want to consider size. Dog T shirts come in all sizes to fit pooches petite to hefty and you'll want to buy the dog T shirt that fits your friend best. If Rover going to be dressed for many occasions, you'll also want to make sure your choice of dog T shirt is durable and machine washable.

    Desirable Features in a Dog T shirt

  • Easy put on
  • Comfortable to pet
  • Attractive
  • Won't show dirt (for dogs that like to roll in the mudJ
  • Washable/won't shrink
  • Colors stable

    A good dog T shirt goes on easy and fits perfectly. If there's a struggle to get the dog T shirt on, good luck finding the dog next time the shirt appears in your hands! And if your pup is comfortably accessorized, he will also be more likely to stay accessorized. A dog T shirt that is too loose will probably be off in a jiffy and your irritated pal will constantly fuss with one that is too tight.

    Looking good is important too! So the best dog T shirt will have all of the above and then style as well. An attractive looking dog T shirt that gets thrown in the washer is ideal. Even better if it doesn't shrink and the colors don't run. If your dog is constantly getting down and dirty in the mud, a dark shirt that doesn't show dirt is advisable as well.

    Just be sure to avoid ill fitting dog T shirts. Chafing under the front legs and on the belly is no fun for anyone!

    The Ideal Choice in a Dog T shirt

    The ideal choice of a dog T shirt is a personal one as far as fashion goes, just remember, comfort is key. The ideal fitting dog T shirt is one that has plenty of neck room with the legs fitting easily in the sleeves. You're dog will be happiest if the sleeves are no further down than above the knees and the shirt no longer than past the ribs. Even shorter may be best for males, for easier urination and a drier shirt.

    Dog T shirt Safety

    Dog T shirts should be worn by supervised dogs only. A shirt-wearing pooch can get hung up in odd situations and possibly get hurt. If Fido is would rather be naked, he might also chew and even ingest his fashion statement. So you'll definitely want to keep an eye on him. With a little looking, you can find a dog T shirt that matches your pup's personality and the two of you can take on the town!

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