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Dog Tear Stain Remover - How to Choose a Dog Tear Stain Remover

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Dog Tear Stain Remover! Yes, there is such a product. Dog tear staining is a common problem in some breeds and is especially obvious in white or light colored dogs. The reddish-brown stain beneath the eyes makes your dog look less attractive and can be an unsightly problem if you are photographing or showing your dog.

However, there are now many dog tear stain removers on the market that can help you minimize the staining and bring out Fifi's natural beauty. However, you should make careful choices when using a dog tear stain remover product that is applied so close to the sensitive eyes.

Features to Consider in a Dog Tear Stain Remover

It is really important to look at ingredients when considering a dog tear stain remover. Harsh ingredients can irritate you pooch's eyes and only make the tearing worse. A dog tear stain remover should be free of alcohol or bleach. If the dog tear stain remover smells harsh to your nose, you probably don't want to use it near your dog's eyes.

You'll want to find a dog tear stain remover that is effective as well. All dogs are different and one product may work better for yours than another. Find out what is recommended for your breed and give that particular dog tear stain remover a try. You may want to experiment with a few other dog tear stain removers as well.

Desirable Features of a Dog Tear Stain Remover

Find a dog tear stain remover that is easy to use and doesn't seem to bother your dog. If Fifi is squirming and unhappy while you struggle to get the dog tear stain remover applied, you may accidentally get it in her eyes or mouth. It will also get increasingly difficult to convince her to allow you near her when she sees you coming with the bottle. You may also want to look for a dog tear stain remover that conditions as well as eliminates stains. Dog tear stain removers without conditioner may leave your dog's fur dry and dull.

Ideal Choice of a Dog Tear Stain Remover

The ideal choice of dog tear stain remover is one that works quickly and effectively with minimal work and no irritation. Beauty shouldn't be a chore, especially for a dog.

Safety and Buying Tips for Dog Tear Stain Remover

Before using a dog tear stain remover, be sure to investigate that there are not other underlying health problems causing the excessive tearing and staining. Ear infections, eye infections, yeast infections and changes in diet can cause staining in some dogs. Chronic and intense tear-staining may be indicative of a problem that your veterinarian should examine. If you notice a foul odor, your dog is rubbing its eye, squinting or you notice discharge other than clear tear, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately to ensure the problem isn't an infection or other problem.

If the staining is normal, then you can use a dog tear stain remover, but be careful not to get it in your dog's eyes. Using a protective ophthalmic ointment when applying dog tear stain remover under the eyes is an excellent idea. It will keep Fifi's eyes comfortable with a filmy barrier that prevents irritation. You should also store your dog tear stain remover out of the reach of pets and children to avoid accidental ingestion. So find the dog tear stain remover that is right for your dog and so all the world can see his bright eyes!

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