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Dog Toys - How to Choose the Best Dog Toys

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There are so many different types of dog toys that choosing the right one can be a little daunting. Different dogs have different tastes. Depending on how your dog enjoys playing, you can choose from a huge variety. Various dog toys have been designed to be enjoyed in different ways. There are chew toys, fetch toys, plush and stuffed toys, rope toys, kongs, interactive toys and even toys that are designed for dental health care. Regardless of which type of dog toy you are looking for, you'll want to make the best choice and keep safety in mind.

Features to Consider in Dog Toys

  • Size – large enough that your dog can't “swallow”
  • Safe
  • Design
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean/wash

    First and foremost, make sure you choose the appropriate sized dog toy for your breed of dog. If the toy is too small, your dog might swallow it and choke. Dog toys that are designed for a larger breed may be too difficult to a smaller dog to handle. Whichever dog toy you choose, inspect it and make sure it's safe and well constructed. Dog toys that are durable and easy to wash or clean are a good choice as well.

    Desirable Dog Toys Features

  • Allows you to toss a long way
  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Your dog loves it
  • Won't splinter or fall apart either causing trauma to your dogs mouth or ingestion of a foreign object that can cause a life-threatening obstruction
  • Guarantee

    Consider YOUR dog for a moment. Does he like to fetch? Chew? Make noise? Toss? Does he like to “keep busy?”

    If your dog is a serious chewer, a Kong or Nylabone brand dog toy may be a good choice. These are designed to withstand a lot of chewing and last a long time. However not all dogs enjoy toys that are just for chewing and need you to interact with them at play time. In this case you'll want a dog toy that can be safely used for a game of fetch. A dog toy that can be thrown a long way or possibly even one that makes noise may be a good choice. If Rover has a busy mind and mouth, take a look at some of the interactive toys. They can be loaded with treats and keep your pooch occupied for hours. The most desirable dog toys, of course, will be the toys that your dog enjoys the most.

    Features to Avoid in Dog Toys

    Dogs that love to chew should not be given stuffed or rope dog toys. Loose bits of string, fabric as well as plush toy plastic eyes and stuffing can easily be ingested if these dog toys are chewed apart. These can choke a dog or even cause a life-threatening intestinal blockage. Remember as well that even “indestructible” dog toys can be destroyed by a determined dog so you should always keep an eye out. Avoid dog toys that have a flimsy construction. If you are taking dog toys camping or to the beach you may also want to consider making sure your dog toys float.

    The ideal choice of dog toy will be a durable, easy to handle, safe and loads of fun.

    Safety and Shopping Tips for Dog Toys

    Even if you've chosen the appropriate toy for your dog's size and play style, always supervise playtime with toys. It's also a good idea to check your dog toys periodically for wear. If they are starting to fall apart, throw them away. Have a few of your dog's favorites on hand for replacement, but be sure to rotate your dog toys to keep Rover interested. And don't forget to pick dog toys that you like to play with as well. All dog toys are more fun for Fido if you are playing too!

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