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Dog Urine Cleaner - How to Select the Best Dog Urine Cleaner

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Almost every dog has had a dog urine accident in the house, especially during the house-training period which makes dog urine cleaner an essential product to many dog owners. Taking care of these accidents quickly is an important strategy to avoiding them in the future. Once the odor of dog urine becomes associated with an area, a dog may return and continue to urinate there. Fortunately, today there are many dog urine cleaners on the market that can make potty training and accidents less stressful on you and your carpet.

Features to Consider in Dog Urine Cleaners

The most important feature to consider in a dog urine cleaner is the ingredients. A product with enzymes that breaks down the dog urine rather than bleaches and covers it is ideal. You also want to protect your upholstery and fabric by buying dog urine cleaner that doesn't stain. Dog urine cleaner that works on a variety of materials will work in more applications and will be a good product to have on hand. However, if you have a specific place that needs to be cleaned, make sure the bottle states that the dog urine cleaner will work on that specific material. Also you'll want to decide whether foam, spray or liquid will work best in your situation. For example, using foam dog urine cleaner may be a better choice than liquid on a slope.

Desirable Features in Dog Urine Cleaner

  • Easy to apply
  • Works!
  • Guarantee
  • Biodegradable

    Find dog urine cleaner that is easy to apply and has a nice scent or no scent at all. Many of the products out today are biodegradable and so are less harsh, without that chemical smell. Some are even guaranteed to work if used appropriately. Above all, the best dog urine cleaner will be the one that works for you.

    Features to Avoid in Dog Urine Cleaner

  • Ingredients
  • Doesn't stain upholstery or fabrics
  • Removes odor
  • Safe
  • Works on different fabrics
  • Presentation: liquid, spray, foam

    Avoid dog urine cleaner with ammonia in the ingredients, which smells like urine and will mask whether or not you've cleaned the area. Also, test the dog urine cleaner somewhere out of sight on the same fabric to make sure that the product doesn't stain or fade the material.

    Ideal Choice of Dog Urine Cleaner

    The ideal choice is dog urine cleaner that is biodegradable, cleans the stain, eliminates the smell and is guaranteed to do these things. Different dog urine cleaners work better for some situations than others. You may have to experiment to find the one that works best for you. The products that neurtralize and break down the urine odor molecule works best.

    Some products that work very well:

  • SeaYu Petrotech Odor Eliminator®
  • Urine-off® - EDITORS CHOICE
  • Anti Icky Poo (AIP) ®
  • Nature's Miracle®
  • Nilodor®
  • Odorban®
  • Odornil®

    Shopping Tips for Buying Dog Urine Cleaner

    It is always best to buy products that are non-toxic to pets and children. Dog urine cleaner remover is no exception. However, even if the product is non-toxic, be sure to store it somewhere out of the hands and mouths of children and pets.

    Read the instructions on the label of the dog urine cleaner and follow them carefully. Most are only effective if you follow the directions. Once you use dog urine cleaner, you may want to cover the area with a bowl or something else to deter Fido from having another accident there before the cleaning job is finished. If there is a large amount urine and its on carpet, you may also need to pull up the carpet and clean the pad. With the right product though, you can take care of life's little accidents and keep Rover out of the doghouse.

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