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Dual Dog Carriers - How to Select a Dual Dog Carriers

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A dual dog carrier is a wonderful item for owners of multiple small dogs. A dog carrier is also commonly called a pet taxi. A dual dog carrier is useful for all sorts of situations from taking a quick walk to the corner market to transporting your dogs to the kennel or veterinarian. Keeping small dogs contained in a way that is secure and comfortable provides your best friends with safety, and you with peace of mind.

Features to Consider in a Dual Dog Carrier

  • Materials – dual dog carriers are made out of all kinds of materials, from cardboard to plastic, even leather and designer fabrics. Your choice of materials will depend upon your needs. A cardboard carrier may suffice for only occasional emergency use and rarely are sturdy enough for more than one dog. While a frequent traveler may want something more plush and stylish. Your basic plastic airline carrier is often an invaluable tool for the puppy trainer in addition to the frequent flyer.

  • Airline compliance – If your needs include traveling on airplanes, be sure to check that the dual dog carrier you choose meets the requirements of the airlines. Most often, airline will want your pets to be separated. For more information on airline regulations, click here.

  • Designed to hold water and food – If your dogs are going to be spending long hours in a dual dog carrier, you may want to choose one that provides a place for nourishment.

  • Overall design and attractiveness – Like choosing a purse or briefcase, finding a style that you like the look of and you find easy to use will help you use your dual dog carrier consistently. Keeping small dogs contained can sometimes be a challenge. Making a dual dog carrier part of your dogs' normal outing routine can greatly simplify the situation and keep your dogs safe. Some designs are big enough for two dogs and others allow dogs side by side or stacking “double decker” styles where one is on top of the other.

  • Durability – Before you invest in that beautifully styled leather carrier with special buckles and a monogram, consider whether or not your little dearests will chew it to shreds. Your dual dog carrier will look a bit shabby after sharp little teeth have had a go at it. So, consider your dogs' habits as well as the length of unattended time they might likely spend in their carrier before you buy. If the point is to have your companions with you wherever you go, then a smart looking, designer style may be the perfect dual dog carrier for you. If you have puppies that simply needs to be contained for safety in the house, car, or airline, the durable plastic variety is probably more practical.

  • Usability – Again, consider your needs and the likely way you will use a dual dog carrier before you buy. For the frequent user, a dual dog carrier with a side or top opening may improve its usability. For simple containment at home, a dual dog carrier with a little more space and simpler design is likely to be a better choice.

  • Ability to clean – A dual dog carrier should be easy to clean. Even the most trustworthy of house dogs have their moments, so an easy clean surface or removable liner is essential.

  • Weight – If you plan to spend significant time walking with your dual dog carrier, you will want to choose a model that is lightweight. If your dual dog carrier is meant primarily for use in the house, car, or on the airplane, a heavier duty style may be a better choice.

  • Stability – Keeping your small dogs safe means choosing a dual dog carrier that won't collapse around them. Also, If you choose a “double decker” style, ake sure it is stable and unlikely to top. Carefully consider the weight limits for the units as you choose one. Some are only recommended for dogs under 10 to 15 pounds. Consider the weight of your dogs, how active your dogs tends to be, and the typical type of use your dual dog carrier will get to determine the degree of stability needed to keep your dogs safe.

  • Hardware or locking system – Generally speaking, metal hardware is always better than plastic for a dual dog carrier. The presence or style of a locking system depends upon your needs.

  • Safe – The first concern in the purchase of anything for your dogs is safety. Spring-loaded doors and insecure latches are probably best to avoid. A slick, hard surface on the floor of a dual dog carrier is probably not a good choice for a nervous traveler. Consider your dogs' nature and your needs for a dual dog carrier to determine a style that will be safe for your dogs.

  • Personalization – Creating individual style with a monogram or nameplate on your dual dog carrier can be both fun and practical by providing easy identification and a sense of style.

  • Comfortable – Making your small dogs comfortable in their dual dog carrier will facilitate its easy and consistent use.

  • Ventilation – Providing your small dogs with enough air to breath is essential to their safety and comfort. A lightweight, soft cover, dual dog carrier is suitable when you can easily open the door for added ventilation when necessary. The greater ventilation available in plastic and wire frame models of dual dog carriers makes them a better choice for extended car travel and airline travel.

  • Size – Your dual dog carrier should be big enough for your small dogs to lie down comfortably. It need not be overly large though, and often something just a little larger than the dogs provides them with a sense of cozy security that a larger carrier will not.

  • Guarantee – When selecting a dual dog carrier, you may want to consider whether or not a guarantee is offered.

    Desirable Features in a Dual Dog Carrier

    Consider your needs and the nature of your small dogs before choosing a dual dog carrier. You will want to look for one that will be durable enough to stand up to the use you and your companions will give it. You will want to look for a dual dog carrier that fits your style while also being easy to use and easy to clean. To help you find the size and style that makes your dogs happy to climb in you may want to take your small dogs with you when you go shopping for a dual dog carrier. What looks cozy to you may be inexplicably frightening to your dogs.

    The Ideal Choice in a Dual Dog Carrier

    Your dual dog carrier should be sturdy, plastic or fabric, with a secure latch and convenient entry. Your dual dog carrier should have good ventilation and be a size large enough for your dogs to comfortably lie down but still be a cozy den. Most importantly, your dual dog carrier should be a place where your small dogs are happy to be and feel safe inside.

    Shopping Tips for Choosing a Dual Dog Carrier

    Take time to scrutinize the design of your dual dog carrier before you buy. Check the front door to see if it is spring loaded, these doors can snap shut on a paw or tail. Make sure that the latches are secure. Metal pin latches tend to be more securing than plastic latches. Dial latches can work fine but can be tricky to operate and may get “stuck” in lower cost units.

  • Take time to acclimate your puppies early by offering food or treats in your dual dog carrier. You can also encourage your puppies to enjoy their dual dog carrier by throwing favorite toys into the back of it for them to play.

  • When traveling in a car with your dogs, ALWAYS put your dogs into a dual dog carrier. Accidents or even just sudden stops can cause your dogs to be thrown about or even ejected from the vehicle, causing serious injury. Even if injury is avoided, dogs will often run away in the confusion and fright following an accident. Also, dogs can cause an accident by distracting the driver by moving about the vehicle or trying to hide under the seat or near the brake and gas pedals. All of these things can be avoided by consistently using a dual dog carrier whenever your dogs travel in a car.

  • Placing a towel or blanket that can be easily washed in the bottom of your dual dog carrier will add to your dogs' comfort. Placing a favored toy in your dual dog carrier can help relieve the boredom of hanging out during travel.

  • A dual dog carrier is an essential part of any disaster plan. Even if you don't use your dual dog carrier often, keep it handy so it is available for any type of emergency from natural disasters to house fires to simply needing to leave quickly to give aid to a friend.

  • While dual dog carriers are primarily for small dogs, you should have a pet carrier or crate for every pet in your home.

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