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Easter Dog Collars - How to Choose an Easter Dog Collars

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With the introduction of the Easter dog collar, your dog will never feel left out on one the holiest holidays of the year. Before, all the fun and excitement of Easter morning was limited to small children and their Easter egg hunts. Not any more. Now mans / woman's best friend can get in on the action of all the fun and excitement that comes that Sunday morning while wearing the perfectly cute Easter dog collar.

This past April I purchased an Easter dog collar for Shelby (my puppy) that came equipped with pink bunny ears. I do not know if she truly liked her Easter dog collar that particular morning, but boy was it funny to watch her run around and all the neighborhood kids got a great laugh that morning.

I found my Easter dog collar at a novelty store in the local mall. I made sure that it would fit her neck and that it came with an adjustable buckle (just like a normal belt) so that I could easily adjust her Easter dog collar to her neck. I then checked to see what the Easter dog collar was made of to ensure the materials were strong enough to endure her little chews and attempts to possibly “paw it off.” Nylon and leather are great choices when deciding what Easter dog collar to choose. Both are strong and durable and can withstand puppies.

Though the novelty of an Easter dog collar will only last one day a year, unless you find it funny and amusing to have your dog look species confused (I find it hysterical) you still want to make sure that the Easter dog collar is safe and provides comfort for your dog. Ideally you should be able to fit one to three fingers between your dog's neck and the collar depending on the size of your dog's neck.

One of the most important things you have to keep in the back of your mind is the fact that your Easter dog collar is a novelty item and not meant to be used in “correcting” or “disciplining” your dog in any way. There are many other collars on the market that can help you train your dog, the Easter dog collar is not one of them. Make sure to have fun on the holiday and share it with the people and animals you love all while getting great enjoyment out of your Easter dog collar wearing dog.

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