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Engravable Cat ID Tags - How to Choose an Engravable Cat Identification Tag

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Every cat should know who he is—that's where engravable cat id tags come in. With engravable cat id tags, cats of all breeds, shapes and sizes can proudly proclaim their identity, and find their way home again, should they become lost. Engravable cat id tags are a convenient way to safeguard your pet. So what are your choices in engravable cat id tags? Let's take a look.

Features to Consider in Engravable Cat id Tags

There are many options to choose from in engravable cat id tags. Clearly, if they're engravable cat id tags, they're likely made of metal, but size, shape and color are up to you. Engravable cat id tags can be heart-shaped, round, square, or something in between. They can be red, blue, silver, black or nearly any other color. There are really only two considerations: How big is it? And, What's printed on it?

Size the tag to be comfortable for your pet. Engravable cat id tags that work for your adult cat might be too big for a kitten. As for what's printed on your engravable cat id tags, it should be just enough information to get your pet home safely. Your phone number is all you really need, though you may wish to include your cat's name.

Engravable cat id tags should be lightweight, easy to keep clean, and a permanent part of your cats' wardrobe—attached to its collar. If you have a second home, or if you're traveling with your cat, be sure you have a second set of engravable cat id tags for your pet, that carry your away-from-home phone number, or cell phone number, or the number of a trusted friend. Keep your engravable cat id tags accurate and up-to-date. If you're moving, or changing phone numbers, change your engravable cat id tags without delay.

Safety Considerations for your Engravable Cat id Tag

Engravable cat id tags should be your first purchase with a new cat. If you haven't yet named your pet, just put “I'm lost” on the tag, with your phone number, The word ‘reward' will add extra incentive to the finder.

While engravable cat id tags should be permanent, be sure your cat's collar is designed so that the animal can slip out of it in an emergency. Catching a tag, or collar, in underbrush, or on other obstacles, can be dangerous to your cat's health.

Check out engravable cat id tag identification tag systems that offer registration and a toll free number to call in the event your pet is lost.

In Addition to an Engravable Cat id Tag...

Supplement your engravable cat ID tags with a microchip. If your pet loses his collar or engravable cat id tags, most likely he will eventually end up at the pound, or local emergency clinic, where the first thing they will do is scan for a microchip.

The Ideal Engravable Cat id Tag

Your best choice for engravable cat id tags, is a lightweight metal tag that is the right size for your pet, and engraved with information that will enable the finder to contact you immediately. Engravable cat id tags should be permanently attached to your cat's collar, and the information should be kept up-to-date. The tag should be easy to wipe clean, and should be checked periodically for signs of fading and wear.

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