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Fancy Dog Apparel - How to Choose Fancy Dog Apparel

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Who doesn't love fancy dog apparel? Okay, well, maybe some dogs, but there are many pups that love a little fashion. And admit it, you love dressing up your dog. There's nothing wrong with it as long as it's not mean-spirited. If no one mocks or tortures your dog when he's wearing fancy dog apparel, he might actually enjoy dressing up. Sometimes wearing fancy dog apparel might just get your pooch a little extra positive attention. How fun is that? It can also benefit our pets, keeping them warmer in winter. So what should you look for when buying fancy dog apparel?

Features to Consider When Buying Fancy Dog Apparel

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Color
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Washable
  • Style
  • Design

    Of course you want the fancy dog apparel that looks best on your dog, but also consider the quality. If you're going to spend a bit of money on dress duds, you may as well purchase a quality product. Look for durability and quality in your fancy dog apparel.

    Desirable Features in Fancy Dog Apparel

  • Ease of wear
  • Comfort
  • Appeal
  • Washable/won't shrink
  • Non-bleeding colors
  • Stain Resistant

    Look for fancy dog apparel that is sturdy, lightweight fabrics that are easy to clean. Examine the labels to make sure the fancy dog apparel won't shrink, fade or wear excessively with normal washing. Check for quality as well, taking a close look at seams and stitching.

    Above all fancy dog apparel should be comfortable if you expect Fido to keep it on. Check for rubbing and chafing, especially around the belly and under the arms. You should also consider the length of clothing, taking care that isn't so long that it gets damp when your dog urinates. Generally shirts and sweaters should stop at the rib cage.        

    Ideal Choices in Fancy Dog Apparel

    The ideal fancy dog apparel is comfortable, easy to wear and looks great without being demeaning to the dog. It should wash and wear well, giving you and your dog years of enjoyment.

    Safety and Shopping Tips for Fancy Dog Apparel

    Fancy dog apparel safety should always be your first concern. Dogs can be rough on clothes and get themselves into sticky situations. They may snag clothes, snack on clothes, or if they've got a friend play tug of war with their fancy dog apparel. Never allow your pet to wear fancy dog apparel unsupervised. Consider keeping you dog on a leash, in the home or in a fenced area when clothed.

    Also make sure that the fancy dog apparel you choose will come off quickly and easily in case of an emergency. Be mindful of fancy dog apparel that has ties or straps. You don't want to accidentally choke your dog or put pressure on internal organs.

    Fancy Dog Apparel Should Be Fun!

    Fancy dog apparel should always be fun and never demeaning. If your dog is wearing a custom, then in all fairness you should be dressed up to. You and your dog are a team after all. Dressing up should be all in good fun! Now, let's hit the runways of life…together.

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