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Fun Dog Bowls - How to Select Fun Dog Bowls

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You have to look at the bowl your dog eats out of everyday, so why not take a look at some fun dog bowls and find one that will brighten your day. Fun dog bowls come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and with a little looking, you can find one that appeals to both your décor and your dog.

Desirable Features in Fun Dog Bowls

Of course the most important feature of fun dog bowls is that they puts a smile on your face. Beyond that you'll want to be sure that it is easy to clean and disinfect. A dishwasher safe bowl is ideal. If you've got a dog that knocks his bowl around, your fun dog bowl should be less than fun to push around. It should be tip or spill proof and very durable. Safety is crucial too. Fido shouldn't be able to have any more fun with his bowl than getting a meal. Bowls that can be grabbed up and used as play toys may not be the best choice.

Ideal Choice of Fun Dog Bowls

Heavy stainless steel, but fun dog bowls with a rubber bottom and tapered sides are great choices. This type of bowl has some weight and a rubber bottom to avoid your pet being able to push it all over the floor or ground. Bowls with tapered sides are more difficult to tip. Stainless steel is durable, easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and can not be chewed or broken. A stainless bowl with a catchy design on it might be that perfect fun dog bowl you're looking for.

Shopping Tips for Fun Dog Bowls

Fun dog bowls made out of ceramic come in a variety of great designs, but ceramic isn't right for every dog. Bowls that can be broken may produce dangerous shards. Safety first! Also avoid light-weight plastic dog bowls that can be chewed and moved.

You may want to consider an elevated feeder for your fun dog bowls if your dog is getting on in age. Elevated bowls require less bending. These are easier for dog to use. They are also are easier to sweep around and clean under and are great for messy eaters. Think about fun dog bowls that are narrow and deep if you have a long-eared dog. This design allows your dog to drink without getting his ears in the water.

If you choose a fun dog bowl that is less stable, bowl holders are good to prevent bowls from skidding or sliding around the floor.

More Tips for Fun Dog Bowls

Wondering where you should place your fun dog bowl? The best place to feed a dog is probably in the kitchen where you are likely to be near your pet and can refill the water bowl easily. Beyond that, anywhere with flooring that is easy to clean is a great idea. Of course, if you've got fun dog bowls, you'll want them out where everyone can see them.

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