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Gates for Dog Pens - How to Choose Gates for Dog Pens

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Gates for dog pens are a perfect solution for housebreaking or just managing boisterous puppies. Gates for dog pens can be used to help to block off rooms, stairways, carpeted areas or forbidden rooms. Dogs that have learned not to jump the gate will stay out of blocked off areas when necessary as adults. Of course, it is always best to keep a puppy confined to smaller areas while he's learning his manners in the rest of the house and gates for dog pens can help.

Before buying gates for dog pens, consider where you want to place them, the width of the area you are trying to gate and the size (height) of your dog relative to the height of the gate. Consider if it is a high traffic area that you will need to go through as well, so that you can keep this in mind when choosing a style.

Here are some additional factors to consider before you make your final purchase of gates for dog pens.

Desirable Features

When setting up gates for dog pens, you'll want to make sure that what you choose is sturdy and durable, especially if your going to be walking through the gate yourself. It should also be safe with no sharp edges. Look for easy to use and easy to clean gates for dog pens and choose the design that works best for you. There are both temporary and permanent styles.

Ideal Choice

The ideal choice of gates for dog pens will be good quality plastic, metal or wood dog gates that are safe and durable.

Shopping Tips

The right gates for dog pens will be wide enough to expand across the area you are trying to cross. A gate for a standard pen is easy enough to choose, but if you are looking to make a particular area into a pen, you'll want to give you gate some careful consideration. There are gates for dog pens that will adjust to most any size, just make sure the one you choose isn't too big.

There are temporary gates for dog pens that will give you more flexibility, allowing you to move it to different locations such as at the bottom or top of stairs or to different rooms. Permanent gates are generally sturdier, but you'll have to be prepared to affix them to a door frame.

Choose a gate high enough that your pup will not be able to jump over now or in the immediate future and secure enough that he can't easily knock over. Once your dog figures out that he can overcome gates for dog pens, there may be no stopping him or keeping him in.

If you are thinking about using gates for dog pens to partition off an area in your house, consider where you are placing the dog gate relative to where you normally walk in your home when selecting the style. If placing a gate in a high traffic door way, consider a style that easily opens and closes allowing the people in the house to walk through.

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