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Giant Size Dog Crates - How to Choose the Best Giant Sized Dog Crate

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Should you purchase a giant size dog crate for your loveable pooch? Absolutely! What loveable dog wouldn't want to move up to the penthouse? Well-known behaviorist Nick Dodman says, “A crate for life should be the dog owner's maxim.” And while crates come in varying sizes, the optimal level of comfort lies within the giant size dog crate as it allows room for your animal to stretch and move about while being confined.

To help you shop for a giant size dog crate, consider these factors:

Features to Consider in a Giant Size Dog Crate

Number one on your list should be safety. Owners typically purchase giant size dog crates to use for both travel and home training.

Factors to take into consideration when buying a giant size dog crate include but are not limited to: the type of material the giant size dog crate is made with. Most giant size dog crates are made from either steel caging or ventilated plastic casing with a steel cage door. To decide which is more appropriate depends on where the giant size dog crate will be located. Steel is great for both indoor and outdoor use as it is extremely durable. Plastic is optimal for travel because of its lighter weight, and as a bonus, most are airline approved.

With that in mind, for your purposes, which of these choices for your giant size dog crate will be easier for you to clean? Take into consideration if it will be used outdoors where water or dirt may come in contact. Further, soil from your pet will require it to be cleaned regularly. In this case you may take into consideration if the giant size dog crate can be easily separated into pieces for maintenance.

Durability should also be taken into consideration as the pet moves about. Some animals tend to be more nervous at first when being placed in their new hangout. In this case, it may be wise to do a simple test by placing your dog into different giant size dog crates to see how they react. If your dogs' behavior is erratic because of the new surrounding, this lets you know it is important that the giant size dog crate withstand added pressure of your dog pawing, banging, and not to mention the new chew toy it may have just become.

Also consider size. The size of the crate should be big enough for your dog to stand and turn around and accommodate him as an adult.

Shopping Tips for Your Giant Size Dog Crate

A giant size dog crate made of durable wire frame is easy to clean and offers better ventilation and visibility, making it an ideal choice!

Make sure to consider the size of the wire and grid pattern. A smaller dog will need smaller grids so that its paws will not fall through. A larger dog will need thicker wire for support.

Always check for sharp edges along the entire giant size dog crate so your pet will not be scratched or cut.

Also decide whether a spring front door is appropriate. Doors that are spring loaded may snap shut, injuring your pet!

Remember that their comfort is foremost if they will be spending a good deal of time lounging within their giant size dog crate. As with your home being your sanctuary for safety and relaxation, so to should your pets be. It is his personal space.

Younger pups may be acclimated to this notion early on by offering food or treats inside the giant size dog crate or by leaving their favorite toys inside for them to retrieve. It should be incorporated into daily use to make it part of a routine for your pet, so as not to make them feel that they are being punished.

Never use the giant size dog crate to punish! This only leads to association of isolation and sadness, something you should avoid after making the investment for your pet to have a safe place to spend their time.

Remember These Tips When Using Your Giant Size Dog Crate

Using your giant size dog crate for training is entirely appropriate, as some have learned the hard way after leaving their pet at the vets for a day. Cases where use of confinement is socially, legally, or medically necessary will be made easier on your pup if it is already used to the idea.

Make sure that when you place your dog in your new giant size dog crate that you first remove their collar. This is for their continued safety so the animal cannot be trapped or hooked by the neck to some place on the giant size dog crate.

And always, always, always use positive reinforcement. Your dog will love their new kingdom if you make it as special as the time you spent picking it for them!

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