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Greenies - How to Select the Best Greenies for Your Dog

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Greenies dog treats….yummy! For any dog eating a healthy diet, dog treats are just that, a ‘treat' and not a necessary part of the diet. But if you choose to treat your dog, what treats should you choose?

With more than 750 million sold since 1998, ‘Greenies' have proven to be a safe, healthy treat for dogs. A Greenies treat, when properly consumed, can help to remove tartar from your dog's teeth and contribute to fresher breath. Greenies are the only edible treats to be given the Veterinary Oral Health Council's seal of approval. That approval came in the wake of independent, third-party testing showing a 62% reduction in tartar and a 14% reduction in plaque among dogs who were given one Greenies treat per day, versus dogs who had none. Greenies are approved by the AAFCO, the Association of American Food Control Officials, and recommended by many vets.

Dogs enjoy the flavor and the consistency of Greenies, and some dog owners say their animals are virtually addicted to the bright green, toothbrush-shaped treats.

Still, recent complications occurring in dogs that ate Greenies have generated a lot of publicity. So how can you be sure Greenies treats are right for your dog?

Some Greenies Features to Consider

As with any dog treat, one of the most important considerations in choosing Greenies is choosing the right size Greenies treat for your dog. Greenies come in different sizes, including Jumbo, for dogs over 100 pounds, Large, for dogs 50-100 pounds, Regular, for dogs 20-50 pounds, and Petite for dogs 10-20 pounds. Greenies LilBits are for dogs under 10 pounds, or under six months of age.

Because of the tendency for dogs to ‘wolf' down their food, especially when other dogs are around, your dog may attempt to swallow undersized Greenies treats without chewing. Use caution and common sense, and read the packaging carefully to determine what size Greenies are appropriate for your dog. And, as with any treat, monitor your dog to ensure that the treat is being properly consumed.

Greenies Safety Tips

If Greenies, or other treats become lodged in a dog's throat or intestinal tract, serious complications, and even death, can result. Be alert for signs of retching, trouble swallowing, difficulty breathing, excessive panting, vomiting or lethargy after your dog eats a Greenies treat. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact your vet immediately.

Greenies...The Ideal Treat Experience

Giving your dog a Greenies treat, or any treat, should be a pleasant and worry-free experience for both of you. Ask your veterinarian if he or she thinks Greenies treats are appropriate for your dog. Then, purchase Greenies that are appropriate for your dog's size and weight. Administer Greenies, and all treats, sparingly. And always monitor your dog while it's eating a Greenies treat. Even under the best conditions, accidents—such as choking—can occur.

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by Nesbitt, Monday, July 21, 2008

Comment: I have been a loyal Greenies customer for about two years, starting with the old formula. Not only did my dog hesitate when I gave her the new formula for the first time, but now I can only give Greenies two stars because the new formula is defective ... i...

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