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Halloween Dog Collars - How to Choose a Halloween Dog Collar

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Halloween dog collars will help you, and your pet get in the ‘spirit' of the season. Halloween dog collars are a fun and easy way to dress up your dog, and to have some fun on All Hallow's Eve. There are lots of Halloween dog collars to choose from, but choosing one needn't be a scary experience. Just follow these tips.

Features to Consider in Halloween Dog Collars

As with any collar, there are several features you'll want to consider in Halloween dog collars. These include size, safety, durability, and ease of cleaning. Let's look at sizing. Before putting anything around your dog's neck, you'll want to be sure it's been sized for both comfort and safety. Measure the size of your dog's neck before buying Halloween dog collars. Make sure your Halloween dog collar is adjustable, and that it will adjust to fit your dog. If your dog is growing, you'll want Halloween dog collars that will grow with your dog. The ideal fit should allow for one to three fingers to fit between your dog's neck and Halloween dog collars, depending on the size of your dog.

  • If your dog is very small, (under 20 pounds), leave only one finger's width between Halloween dog collars and your dog's neck.

  • If you have an average, medium-sized dog, go for a two-finger fit between Halloween dog collars, and the dog's neck.

  • If your dog is very large, go for a three-finger fit for the Halloween dog collar.

    ‘Witch' Fastener Should You Choose For Halloween Dog Collars?

    Halloween dog collars come with either a buckle, or a plastic fastener. Both can keep the collar safely in place. Your choice is really one of convenience, and personal preference. If you'll be putting Halloween dog collars on your dog frequently, you may want the convenience of a plastic snap. If it's more of a seasonal change, for the month of October, say, then a buckle should do nicely. Halloween dog collars should be made from durable material, with heavy-duty stitching. Examine all Halloween dog collars carefully before you buy.

    Ease of Cleaning Halloween Dog Collars

    Your dog probably won't notice the increase attention he's getting from wearing Halloween dog collars, but you will. You'll probably want your dog to wear Halloween dog collars every day of the Season. That means they will get dirty. Choose Halloween dog collars that can be machine laundered, and then wash them in cold water to avoid fading the colors. Line dries your Halloween dog collars to avoid shrinkage, or damage to your dryer.

    Ideal Halloween Dog Collars

    The ideal Halloween dog collars are those that are sized to fit your adult dog, or adjustable to fit your growing dog, and have your dog's ID tags securely attached. Your best dog Halloween collars are easy to put on, and take off, and easy to clean. They should also feature a place to put your pet's ID tags.

    Halloween dog collars are just for fun, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be safe, well-made, durable, and easy to use. The ideal Halloween dog collars fit all those descriptions as well as attractive and keeping in with the spirit of Halloween. They can have witches, ghosts, pumpkins or cats and commonly come in the traditional Halloween orange and black colors.

    No One Says ‘Boo' to Halloween Dog Collars

    Halloween dog collars demonstrate not only your humor and sense of style, but they show a real passion for your dog, and for Halloween. A Halloween dog collar will attract attention to your dog, and to you. Have fun with it.

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