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Heart Dog Collars - How to Choose Heart Dog Collars

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If you're looking for heart dog collars, you have many colors, patterns, materials, sizes, and styles from which to choose. Finding the safest and best heart dog collar is easy though, just keep these few simple concepts in mind. And remember, measure the diameter of your dog's neck before you shop!

Desirable Features in a Heart Dog Collar

  • Size – To look and feel best, your heart dog collar needs to be fitted correctly.

    - If your dog is very small, (under 20 pounds), leave only one finger's width between the collar and his neck.

    - If your dog is medium-sized, go for a two-finger fit.

    - If your dog is very large, a three-finger fit may be better.

    - You will also want to consider you dog's hair coat and head shape when fitting your heart dog collar. A finer coat and slimmer head will require a snugger fit than the heavier coats and boxier heads to ensure that your heart dog collar does not slip off inadvertently.

  • Easy to clean – Since dogs will be dogs and invariably find ways to get themselves and their collars dirty, you will probably want to choose a heart dog collar that is either machine washable or soap and water washable.

  • Durability – The more durable your heart dog collar is, the longer it will stay looking good.

  • Safety – If you are using your heart dog collar for more than decoration you will want to make sure it is adequate for restraint. Your heart dog collar should be made from strong materials with a secure buckle, and fitted properly to provide you with reliable restraint.

    Ideal Choice of a Heart Dog Collar

    Heart dog collars come in all variety of styles and colors.

  • For the understated look in a heart dog collar, a subdued color with a woven or embroidered heart design will provide and elegant touch.

  • For a flashier look in a heart dog collar, there are brighter colors with jeweled heart designs or dangling hearts like a charm bracelet.

  • For a western flavor in a heart dog collar, you can find leather collars with silver mounted hearts.

    Whatever your style, there is a heart dog collar made for you and your fashionable pooch.

    Shopping Tips for a Heart Dog Collar

  • Take time to inspect your heart dog collar before you buy. Avoid anything with sharp points or edges, and make sure the decorations are securely attached and do not make the collar too stiff or heavy.

  • If you are shopping for a martingale or choke style collar, you will still likely find some with heart decorations. Look for those made from colorful nylon with hearts woven or embroidered into the materials. If you choose to add heart decorations to this type of collar be sure that it does not interfere with the normal functioning of the collar.

  • Body harnesses, ideal for small or toy dogs, also come in heart decorated styles. When you pull back on the leash, the harness tightens around the dog's chest, controlling him without causing pressure on his neck or back. Or you can simply add a heart dog collar as decoration to the wardrobe of your tiny friend.

  • Leather is a good choice for a heart dog collar; however, many dogs are dedicated leather-chewers. So, when you send your dog out to play with his friends, you might want to keep the heart dog collar at home. Also, some of the prettiest heart dog collars are made of fabric.

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