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ID Tags for Cat Collars - How to Choose an ID Tag for a Cat Collar

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Every cat should have a collar with an ID (identification) tag, whether it is an indoor only cat, an indoor/outdoor cat, or an outdoor only cat! There are many styles, sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from in ID tags for cat collars. Before you shop for id tags for cat collars, consider these tips.

Desirable Features in Id tags for Cat Collars

  • Durable – Id tags for cat collars must be durable to remain readable. A hard, water resistant material like metal or plastic will be the most reliable.

  • Lightweight – Cats are not usually thrilled about wearing something around their neck, so keep your Id tags for cat collars for your cat's collar as small and light as possible while still providing adequate space for information.

  • Easy to clean – Since dirty Id tags for cat collars may become unreadable. A slick, hard material like metal or plastic will shed dirt and hair and remain readable.

  • Safe – Id tags for cat collars provide your cat with the safety of identification as a wanted family pet, not a stray.

  • Permanent – Choose a material that will hold up over time, and be sure to replace your Id tags for cat collars on your cat's collars whenever they are lost or when the information becomes out dated.

    Ideal Choice of Id tags for Cat Collars

  • The ideal choice for an Id tags for cat collars is a permanently engraved plastic or metal ID tag with your cat's name and your phone number. These are durable, easy to clean, and readily available at your veterinarian's office, in pet shops, by mail order, and even at do-it-yourself kiosks in malls, pet stores and even your local Wal-Mart.

    Shopping Tips for Buying ID Tags for Cat Collars

  • ID tags for your cat's collar should be one of your first purchases for your cat. If you haven't chosen a name for your cat yet, create a tag that says “help me home” with your telephone number. Consider adding the word “reward” to give extra encouragement to the finder.

  • Some cat collars can be custom imprinted or embroidered with your cat's name and even your telephone number, which is a great alternative to the typical Id tags for cat collars. Remember, the best cat collars have a quick release just in case your cat catches his collar on something, he won't become “stuck”. For more information on choosing the best collar for your cat, click here.

  • Keep information on your cat's collar accurate and up-to-date. If you move or change your phone number, obtain new Id tags without delay. If you're traveling or relocating, consider getting a special set of Id tags for cat collars with your cell phone number or the phone number of a trusted friend or relative.

  • You may also want to consider using an Id tags for cat collars identification tag system that offers registration and a toll free number to call in the event your pet is lost.

    More Tips on Id tags for cat collars Identification

  • You can supplement your Id tags for cat collars with a microchip. Id tags on your cat's collars can get your cat home quickly if he is found locally and still wearing his collar. But, if your cat loses his collar or Cat ID tags, most likely he will eventually end up at the pound or local emergency clinic where the first thing they will do is scan for a microchip.

  • Many cats are picked up as “strays” or trapped because they aren't wearing collars, or their collars do not carry any Cat ID tags. Remember: Id tags for cat collars is your cat's ticket home, so get your Id tags for cat collars today to help ensure his safety.


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