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Jumbo Cat Litter Box - How to Select the Best Jumbo Cat Litter Box

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If you live in a multiple cat household, you need a jumbo cat litter box if not several of them. There are a variety of styles, materials, features, and sizes to choose from. To help you shop, consider these factors.

Features to Consider in a Jumbo Cat Litter Box

Consider the size and depth of your jumbo cat litter box, will it accommodate all of your cats? Materials, durability, and ease of cleaning are another fact you will want to look into. You'll also want to think about what style you want. Your jumbo cat litter box can come with or without a hood, vents or even be automated. Most importantly it should be attractive to your cat and at a cost you are comfortable paying.

Ideal Choice for a Jumbo Cat Litter Box

The ideal jumbo cat litter box must to be appealing to your cat, otherwise she won't use it. In a multiple cat household, this means it will need to stay clean and inoffensive to your cats. The ideal jumbo cat litter box should also be easy to clean, durable and offer good ventilation and visibility. It's a really good idea in multiple cat households to use multiple boxes even if they are jumbo cat litter boxes.

The ideal choice for a jumbo cat litter box is a heavy plastic durable material box placed in an quiet accessible place that is both appealing to your cat and easy to clean.

Shopping Tips for Buying a Jumbo Cat Litter Box

Jumbo cat litter boxes come in several basic designs which may vary with the materials and other small features. A basic jumbo cat litter box is a traditional simple rectangular plastic pan sometimes with a rim. It is the least expensive and comes in a variety of sizes and depths. The lack of a hood makes it more simple to get into for the cat and for you to clean. Many cats prefer this design. If the litter box has a rim, the liners can easily be secured under the rim of this design.

Some jumbo cat litter boxes come in a traditional rectangular shape but include a hood that covers the box. These have an opening on one end that allows the cat to enter and exit. The hood keeps odor and litter splash to a minimum and give the cats some privacy. Some cats like the privacy and other cats may feel “trapped.” Feeling trapped can be a problem in multiple cat houses where other cats may come into the room. However, hooded models can be very smelly inside for you kitty due to poor ventilation. When looking at hooded models of jumbo cat litter boxes, choose one with big vents.

Electric “self-cleaning” jumbo cat litter boxes are another option. These work by having a timed sensor that is activated a few minutes after your cat leaves the box, causing a rake to slide along the litter and scoop urine and feces into a well. These generally work with scoopable litter products, and still need frequent cleaning. The rakes can clog and don't completely remove all debris from the box. The receptacle also needs to be emptied every few days and some cats don't like the automated mechanism.

Shopping Tips when Buying a Jumbo Cat Litter Box

You may want to experiment when choosing a jumbo cat litter box. Try models with or without a hood and see which your cat is likely to use. However, don't abruptly change boxes. If your cat is using a box, you should suddenly remove the box she is currently using. Remove the old one when you are certain your cats are consistently using the new jumbo cat litter box.

If your cat is comfortable using a hooded model of jumbo cat litter box, never store anything on the hood such as extra litter or the rake. If they fall off, your cat might be too frightened to use the box again. After scooping, always make sure the lid is secure on the box as well.

Make sure it is large enough for your cat to maneuver comfortably in the jumbo cat litter box you choose. Some boxes may be too low for cats that want to “spray” or urinate on the side of the litter box. Plastic storage containers can be a good solution for this problem. The clear storage containers work well because they are big, have high sides (which does a great job of holding in urine and litter), and are appealing to most cats. If the sides are too high, you can cut an opening for your cat, but take care not to leave sharp edges.

More Tips on Using a Jumbo Cat Litter Box

Put thought into where to place your jumbo cat litter box location. The box should be in low traffic, quiet comfortable place for the cat. Avoid any negative experiences around the box such as loud noises. Avoid anything that might startle the cat and cause her to be frightened of using the box. Also avoid placing her eating station next to her litter box. And consider a place that is also easy for you to get to for daily cleaning. Some cats will not use a dirty litter box!

Plastic pans should be replaced periodically. Even with cleaning, odors will settle into the box eventually. Still, avoid harsh cleaners such as bleach or ammonia products on the jumbo cat litter box may bother cats and cause them not to use the box. Soap and water are generally your best choice.

Keep in mind as well, you should have at least one jumbo cat litter box per cat and extra if you have extra floors. Cats should have easy access to a clean litter box at all times.

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by jmanerling, Friday, November 28, 2008

Comment: Our two cats have tried several models of litter boxes, except the electronic ones. The two that have been a hit are the jumbo litter box with a hood and, believe it or not, a plastic bin.

The bin was ideal, because it kept everything inside ...

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