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Litter Pan Scoop - How to Choose the Best Litter Pan Scoop

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Every indoor cat needs a litter box and ever cat owner needs a litter pan scoop to go along with it. Cleaning the litter box is a task that no one enjoys, but the right litter pan scoop can make all the difference. You should scoop out the litter box at least once a day with a litter pan scoop. Cats won't use a smelly litter box and if your litter pan scoop makes the task hard, you may not use it. So consider some features to help you choose the best litter pan scoop.

Litter Pan Scoop Features to Consider

  • Material
  • Size of teeth/blades
  • Price

    A well-chosen litter pan scoop can help a great deal in the less than fun task of keeping the litter box clean. There are both metal and plastic litter pan scoops available and you may want to inspect them to see which suits your needs. A plastic litter pan scoop can be coated making debris less likely to stick to them, however they may not be as sturdy as a metal litter pan scoop. You'll also want to look design how much sieve potential your litter pan scoop should have based on what kind of litter your using, not to mention how big of litter pan scoop you're going to need.

    Desirable Litter Pan Scoop Features

  • Scoops well
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sturdy handle
  • Comfortable handle
  • Doesn't clog

    Litter pan scoops are meant to both scoop out the litter and work as a sieve. The best litter pan scoop will have holes that are small enough not to let too much debris sift back into the box, but also not be so small that it clogs. Look for a litter pan scoop that you can easily store and hang. Consider a long handled litter pan scoop if you have a sensitive nose and don't want to get too close to the box. And the sturdier the scoop the better! There's nothing worse than breaking a litter pan scoop while you're in the middle of cleaning out the box.

    Litter Pan Scoop Tips

    Don't forget to consider what style of kitty litter you plan on using before you choose your litter pan scoop. You may want to try out a few different kinds, deciding whether you want old fashioned litter or self-clumping litter. Whichever your cat seems to prefer and you have the easiest time cleaning will be the best choice. Self-clumping litters also vary and you should feel free to experiment.

    Even if you use your new litter pan scoop to remove feces and litter clumps daily, don't forget a weekly scrub for the box. Dump out all the litter and wash the box with soap and warm water. Avoid anything with heavy deodorizer when cleaning the litter box. Remember your cat has a far more sensitive nose than you do. If she's unhappy with what you've done to make her box smell nice, you may find yourself using your new litter pan scoop somewhere other than the litter box.

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