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Metal Dog Fencing - How to Choose Metal Dog Fencing

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Whether you are keeping your dogs in, or keeping them out, metal dog fencing can be an effective option. Though there are many different kinds of dog fencing: wire, wood, plastic, even buried electronic fencing, when it comes to sheer strength and durability, metal dog fencing is hard to beat. ‘Metal' means strength and security, which is why you don't see many picket fences around a prison. On the other hand, you don't want your house to look like San Quentin, either. So how do you choose metal dog fencing that is both effective and attractive? Let's find out.

Some Features to Consider in Metal Dog Fencing

Metal dog fencing used to mean one thing—chain link. Though chain link fences are still an option, today's metal dog fencing offers many more attractive choices. Thin, strong, lightweight aluminum offers many design options, such as slats or pickets, that will keep your dog safe, while adding to the overall beauty of your house and lawn. Metal dog fencing comes in a variety of colors and styles that will fit your dog, and your sense of style.

When you're considering metal dog fencing for your pets, consider function, appearance, upkeep, durability, and safety.

The height of your metal dog fencing depends on the capabilities of your dog. Knowing your pet's habits and abilities will enable you to choose metal dog fencing appropriate for the application. Some dogs are born jumpers and others aren't. Know what your dog can do and make sure your fence is high enough to keep in him. Also, you want to keep other dogs out. Even if your dog is not a jumper, you may want to make sure it is high enough to keep other dogs out of your yard. And make sure your metal dog fencing goes all the way to the ground. Dogs, like some convicts, are natural diggers. If your metal dog fencing offers an opportunity for escape, your dog will find it.

Consider maintenance. Does your metal dog fencing have a rust-proof finish? Will it require annual care? Find out before you buy. And remember that metal dog fencing can be expected to last a long time. Be sure the metal dog fencing you buy will still be attractive to look at years from now.

Check for sharp edges along the top, bottom and sides of metal dog fencing. Dogs like to jump up, and an unattended dog could be seriously injured if any part of the animal was cut, or caught on the fence. Make sure any openings in your metal dog fencing aren't large enough to trap a head, or paw.

The Ideal Dog Metal Dog Fencing

The ideal metal dog fencing is attractive, durable and low maintenance. It's high enough to keep pets from jumping over, but not so high that it blocks your view, or makes you feel ‘walled in.' Make sure the top of the metal dog fencing is flat, or rounded, to prevent injuries from sharp points. Slats or pickets should be narrow enough that pets can't slip through, or get caught. Metal dog fencing should go all the way to the ground, to discourage little heads and paws from poking underneath.

Metal Dog Fencing...Choose for You, and Your Dog

There's no rule that says that metal dog fencing has to be unattractive. Choose wisely, and you'll have metal dog fencing that you can be proud of for many years to come.

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