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Monogrammed Dog Leashes - How To Choose a Monogrammed Dog Leash

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If you want to add a personal touch to your dog's accessories, consider getting a monogrammed dog leash. Monogramming can add style and beauty while also providing a practical solution to identification.

Desirable Features in a Monogrammed Dog Leash

  • Durable materials – A monogrammed dog leash must be functional as well as attractive. Most monogrammed dog leashes are made from nylon however, so durability is not usually an issue.

  • Leash length – Choose a length for your monogrammed dog leash that provides you with good control. A leash that is too long can allow your dog out into traffic or other hazards before you realize where he is headed, and it can quickly wind up wound around you and your dog in less than pleasant ways. A leash that is too short can make larger dogs difficult to restrain and smaller dogs uncomfortably restrained.

  • Safety – Keeping your dog on a leash is the only way to keep him safe outside of an enclosure. If your dog goes anywhere with you outside of the house or enclosed yard, a leash should be your constant companion. Make it a monogrammed dog leash to add a sense of style and ease of identification.

    Ideal Choice of a Monogrammed Dog Leash

  • The best monogrammed dog leash is a sturdy six-foot leather or nylon with a good quality metal clip. The clip should securely fasten to a metal ring on your dog's collar. This is a practical and versatile choice for everyday use that can be easily monogrammed, and allows you to maintain good control of your dog.

    Shopping Tips for Buying a Monogrammed Dog Leash

  • Monogrammed dog leashes are made mostly from nylon. However, tooled leather is a somewhat expensive, but elegant option. You will want to be careful though, as leather is often more attractive for chewing than nylon.

  • Another option to traditional monogramming are tags with an open space on each end through which a leash or collar can slide.

  • Retractable monogrammed dog leashes allow a pet to walk farther from you while still under some control. But, be aware that there are dangers to this rather attractive sounding idea. A dog that is not under control can attack a person, a cat, another dog, be attacked, or run into the path of a car before the owner can “reel” him in. Particularly, if you have a puppy, it is important to keep him close to you during the initial days to bond, train and protect him.

  • You may want to consider reflective materials if you expect to walk your dog at night. This will keep you and your dog visible in traffic.

    More Tips on using a Monogrammed Dog Leash

  • Sometimes using a leash can seem like an unnecessary hassle. Just remember that dogs are natural born chasers, whether they are following something they smell, chasing after something that ran quickly out of sight, or hear something they want to investigate. And often dogs will smell, see, or hear things that are well beyond the human range of ability. So, since the only sure way to keep your dog safe outside of an enclosed area is to keep him on a leash, make your leash something you enjoy seeing and handling by making it a beautiful monogrammed dog leash.

  • Be creative – Your monogrammed dog leash may be as simple as a few initials, as practical as basic identification information, or as extravagant as your favorite saying or quote.

  • And finally, always make sure that the connection between your monogrammed dog leash and your dog's collar is secure, before setting out for your walk, run, or play time.

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