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Multi Dog Leash - How to Choose Multi Dog Leashes

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If you've ever tried to walk more than one dog, on more than one lease, you can appreciate the value of a multi dog leash. Dogs on separate leashes wind over, under and around each other, and around you, and while it's usually harmless, tangled leashes could result in injury to a dog, to you, or to a passerby.

A multi dog leash reduces, or eliminates tangled leashes, and allows all dogs to walk comfortably—to say nothing of the dog walker.

If you're looking for a multi dog leash, you're in luck! There are many styles, materials, colors and lengths to choose from. Finding the right multi dog leash can be difficult, unless you know what to look for. Here are some tips to help.

Features to Consider in a Multi Dog Leash

The word ‘durable' springs to mind when looking for any dog-related items, but this is especially true when it comes to a multi dog leash. Dogs are strong, and two dogs, pulling against each other, can create a powerful force. A poorly made multi dog leash, or one that is chewed or frayed, may not stand up to heavy use.

Look for a sturdy, multi dog leash that is made from leather, nylon or chain. The choice of material in your multi dog leash is a matter of personal preference, provided it is sturdy. Many professional trainers recommend leather over nylon because leather softens and becomes more flexible with age, is easy to grip; yet it remains strong. However, some believe that dogs may be less likely to chew nylon, as opposed to leather. A six-foot length on a multi dog leash offers good control. There may be some ‘pulling' on the leash, so make sure the handle is comfortable and easy to grip.

The typical multi dog leash will feature a metal ring about 2/3 of the way down the leash, where two, or more, leash sections will be joined to the ring, forming a ‘fan' pattern. Check the stitching on the leash, and especially in those places where the multi dog leash is joined to a clip or ring. Heavy-duty stitching marks a good quality multi dog leash.

Safety Tips for Your Multi Dog Leash

For added safety, consider reflective materials for your multi dog leash. Before walking your dogs, check the connections between dogs and leash to be sure they're secure.

The Retractable Multi Dog Leash

A retractable multi dog leash allows dogs to walk farther from you, while still under some control. But there are dangers to this. Dogs that are not under control can attack a person, a cat, and another dog; they can also be attacked, or run into the path of a car before the owner can “reel” them in. This can be especially difficult when dealing with more than one dog!

The Ideal Multi Dog Leash

The ideal multi dog leash is made from leather, metal chain (with a leather or nylon handle), or nylon, and features sturdy fasteners. Your multi dog leash should feature heavy-duty stitching, particularly on the handle, and around fastening points.

The multi dog leash you choose should be designed to swivel, or otherwise remain tangle-free while two, three, or even four dogs cavort at the end of it (exactly how much ‘cavorting' they do is a function of how well you maintain discipline on your multi dog leash) and the handle should fit comfortably in your hand.

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