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Personalized Dog Collars - How to Choose a Personalized Dog Collar

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Personalized dog collars are a great idea for keeping your pooch looking sharp and safe. Tags can fall off, but a personalized collar can be monogrammed or plated with all of Rover's critical information. Many a dog has found his way home from the information on his collar and you should never overlook the importance of contact numbers on your dog.

Desirable Features in a Personalized Dog Collar

The best personalized dog collar will be easy to clean, durable, safe and look great on your pooch. A collar with easy to read information can also be important if Fido gets lost. Above all your personalized dog collar should fit perfectly and be as safe as possible.

Ideal Choice of a Personalized Dog Collar

Nylon and leather personalized dog collars with either buckled or snap-together closures are great choices. You should test the snap-together closures, however to ensure be confident that they will stay secure. On larger dogs, snap-together closers may not be the best choice of personalized dog collar. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need one that adjusts easily as he grows or choose one for him as a puppy and another for him at his adult size. Personalized dog collars can be woven with your pets name and your contact number or a light piece of metal with the information can be riveted to the collar in the case his is lost or gets away. You may also want to consider reflective materials in your personalized dog collar if you plan to walk your dog at night.

Shopping Tips for a Dog Collar

You should be able to fit three fingers under the collar of a large dog, two under a medium dog and one finger should fit between the collar and neck of a small dog. Make sure your personalized dog collar isn't loose enough to slip off. If your dog can lose his collar he may never be identified.

If you are looking for a collar that can help you deal with training issues, you may want to look into some options other than a personalized dog collar. “Slip” or “choke” style dog collars consist of a length of leather, nylon or chain link with rings on each end. They are used as training collars and the concept is to “correct” the dog. “Pinch” or “prong ” collars are controversial, although some experienced trainers find them useful in dealing with large, powerful dogs. Electric “shock collars” are another method that can be useful in specialized training environments (such as field training of gun dogs by experienced handlers). None of these collars however should be used by inexperienced trainers or as a quick fix to problems.

You may want to consider a personalized dog collar in conjunction with a body harnesses for small or toy dogs. When you pull back on the leash, the harness tightens around the dog's chest, controlling him without causing pressure on his neck or back.

Overall, leather is an excellent choice for a personalized dog collar as long as your dog isn't a chewer. If your dog is likely to chew on leather, choose another style of personalized dog collar. Once a month, you should also check the collar for signs of chewing damage and replace right away if necessary. Your personalized dog collar after all, isn't just for show, but for safety as well.

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