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Pink Dog Bowls - How to Select Pink Dog Bowls

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Do you love everything pink? Do you ever look at that battered old metal dog dish and wish your dog had a pretty pink dog bowl instead? Well, lucky for you, finding a pink dog bowl is easy. Just remember that there are other important aspects to consider in a dog bowl in addition to color.

Desirable Features in a Pink Dog Bowl

  • Easy to clean – Let's face it; even the tidiest of dogs leaves a slimy residue in his dinner dish. So, when you pick out your favorite pink dog bowl, you will want to make sure it has an easy to clean surface so that it stays nice and pink.

  • Dishwasher safe – It is always handy to be able to stick the dog dish in with the rest of the dinner dishes.

  • Tip or spill proof - One tends to spend less time cleaning up after dinner if the pink dog bowl is designed not to tip or spill.

  • Durable – Your pink dog bowl will stay good looking and be safer for your dog if it is made from a durable material like metal or heavy plastic.

  • Safe – Your pink dog bowl should be unbreakable and resistant to chewing in order to keep your dog safe.

    Ideal Choice of a Pink dog bowl

  • The ideal choice of a pink dog bowl will be heavy with tapered sides and a rubber surface on the bottom. This type of pink dog bowl will discourage your dog from pushing it all over the floor or ground, and the tapered sides may prevent your dog from tipping it over. The ideal choice of a pink dog bowl will be unbreakable, easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and chew resistant.

    Shopping Tips for Pink Dog Bowls

  • Avoid light-weight plastic pink dog bowls that can be moved, flipped and easily chewed. Also, avoid lightweight glass and pottery bowls that may break and injure your dog.

  • Holders for your pink dog bowls are a good alternative to heavy, rubber bottomed bowls to prevent skidding and tipping.

  • Elevated holders for your pink dog bowls may be more comfortable for older dogs or dogs with particularly long legs like greyhounds and great danes. They are also are easier to sweep around and clean under which is especially usefully for messy eaters.

  • Narrow and deep pink dog bowls are ideal if you have a long-eared dog. This design allows your dog to drink without getting his ears in the water.

  • Automatic dispensers for pink dog bowls offer controlled portions in a frequency that you choose. Most are battery operated and generally not recommended for puppies.

    More Tips for Using Pink Dog Bowls

  • Where should you place your pink dog bowl? The best place to feed your dog is in the kitchen where you are likely to be near your dog, where your dog knows that food is prepared, and where it is easy to clean up after him and refill his water dish. If you prefer feeding your dog outside, consider a deck just outside your kitchen or someplace similar where you and your family spend time.

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